What happened to Juan Gabriel's supposed return?

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Another date was fulfilled as allegedly Juan Gabriel would appear to show that he lives, as he had insured ex-manager Joaquín Muñoz. But again, fans are hoping that their artist lives and is waiting for his resurrection.

Muñoz had pointed it out Juan Gabriel was to appear publicly on December 15, When this date arrived, nothing happened and he refused to have given a date appearance of Divo de Juárez. But he said it again will appear on January 7, 2019, your birthday and the date you want it to be celebrated The International Day of Juan Gabriel.

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How does this novel end? Is Juan Gabriel alive? Joaquín Muñoz was interviewed on Monday in New day program of the Telemundo network, where they asked him why he was not shown Juan Gabriel And then he replied:

"Everything depends on the person who is going to take him out … No, he won't appear even, because we haven't lived, the suggestion is that he would have liked to go on his birthday," said the executor.

Although he has given two different dates, Muñoz assures that he has not agreed one day as such and that heThe delay is due to Juan Gabriel I would be looking for President Mexico, Andrés López Obrador gives him protection because his life would be in danger, according to what Joaquín confirmed.

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"Wait to leave to provide security and encourage it to leave because his life is in danger, if they find him, they'll kill him," he told Mexican media and added that there is no date yet. Juan Gabriel

It is important to note that not only Joaquín Muñoz has assured that Alberto Aguilar is alive, because his version has been joined by journalists like Martha Figueroa and an artist's pianist.

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