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Kristin Chenoweth is an Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress, with appearances in film, television and even Broadway, where she originated the role of Glinda in the hit musical. Evil. It recently hit the headlines when the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square announced that Chenoweth will be the guest artist and narrator of this year's annual Christmas concert.

What is the net worth of Kristin Chenoweth? How much does she earn as a singer? This is what you need to know.

The net worth of Kristin Chenoweth is impressive.

Actress Kristin Chenoweth attends NBCUniversal Summer Press Day 2018 Kristin Chenoweth | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Kristin Chenoweth's net worth at $ 16 million, and notes that she has accumulated her wealth through television roles and Tony Award-winning theatrical performances. The publication reports that it was recognized for the first time for its role as Sally Brown in the 1999 production of You are a good man, Charlie Brown. She won a Tony Award for the role, and assured her the role of Glinda in the 2003 musical. Evil. As Celebrity Net Worth explains, it was his role in Evil that "catapulted her to prominence".

As the Deseret News explains, Chenoweth is "widely known for her work in musical theater." In addition to originating the role of Glinda in Evil, she won a Tony Award for her role as Sally Brown in You are a good man, Charlie Brown, he won an Emmy for his role in Raising mallows, received Emmy and People's Choice nominations for his role in Joy, and also appeared in The west wing Y The Muppets.

Your salary varies widely, even on Broadway

Chenoweth's salary seems to vary widely from one job to another. But Page Six learned that when Kristin Chenoweth won her first million dollars, she made a purchase that would make any pet owner smile. "With my first money I bought Madeline, my beautiful little Maltese girl, named after my idol Madeline Kahn," explained Chenoweth. "And I bought myself a doggy pink car game." Maddie likes the front seat with the window down.

Playbill points out that "the salaries of stars on the title as [Nathan] Lane and [Kristin] Chenoweth varies a lot and, in general, both the performers and their producers keep it a secret. "The New York Post estimated that both Chenoweth and she Evil It was said that the member Idina Menzel each earned more than $ 20,000 per week when she appeared in the hit musical. However, in 2011, it was reported that she did not break the $ 100,000 threshold for her musical theater season.

She chose her career over marriage.

Bustle reports that Kristin Chenoweth is a self-proclaimed "fugitive girlfriend." She has been compromised three times, the most recent of which she canceled her engagement to Dana Brunetti in 2014, but never married. And he told Bustle that he does not regret having chosen his career over marriage, spending time on a tour, filming movies, working on television shows, acting on Broadway or recording albums.

"You can always see the life of a friend and say that the grass is always greener," explained Chenoweth. "They have the family, they have the children, they have what seems to be the perfect life, but I guarantee you that they look at me and tell me:" She can get up and leave, she is doing what she loves. " Grass is always greener. " He also added that "if you want to be good at what you do, you have to work on it, you have to study. That It is a sacrifice. "

Chenoweth once told Redbook: "Where I grew up in the Bible Belt, people went to college, got married and had kids. That is just what they did. But I knew my way and my trip, and my purpose was different from doing it at that time. " He also said: "The man who comes to my life has to understand that I am a busy woman, and that is not for everyone."

She is not the first star to join the Tabernacle Choir for the Christmas concert

Deseret News points out that the next Christmas concert continues a tradition of decades. However, this will be the first time the choir performs Christmas music with its new name, The Tabernacle Choir in Temple Square, after its name change from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in October.

Inviting guest artists to participate in the concert is also a long-standing tradition. As LDS Living reports, many famous guests have performed with the Tabernacle Choir over the years. Gladys Knight, Angela Lansbury, Walter Cronkite, Edward Herrmann, Natalie Cole, Jane Seymour, Tom Brokaw, John Rhys-Davies and even Sesame Street characters took the stage with the choir.

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