What does Meghan Markle Prince Prince forbid?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Former actress Meghan Markle (37) forbids her husband, Prince Harry (34), habits that can harm her health. He forced him to give up alcohol and almost to the flesh and forced him to do sports. Since he married in May last year, Prince Harry has become another man. He doesn't drink and behaves nicely. She became a loving man and a possible future model father.

From the time she became pregnant, Meghan left her alcohol and didn't let her husband put another drop of alcohol in her mouth. Considering that the prince long enjoyed drinking, in fact, in his life, a radical change was made. Meghan also removed Harry's coffee, black tea and other caffeine-containing drinks from Harry's diet. The British prince only drinks mineral water.

In addition, Meghan Markle convinced her husband not to eat meat during the week. Only on Saturday and Sunday you can eat meat. Meghan also led Harry to practice yoga with her. Her mother, Doria, a yoga instructor, is happy. No one would have expected Meghan Markle to ban certain things from Prince Harry after marriage.

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