What did Abdel Halim Hafez write in his own handwriting about his love of Sa Hosni? The sister's sister reveals the secret

adminNovember 30, 2018

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Zainab Abdul Qadir, daughter of Alia Shabana, sister of late artist Abdul Halim Hafez, said that Abdel Halim did not marry Suad Hosni, all unfounded words, and we Halims and his family lived with him in one place and are sure that He did not marry her, he really loved and wrote it "I loved Suad Hosni," he said. "I was with Suad Hosni because she lived like a very cruel childhood, taught her how to choose her life, and when she rebelled against my friendship, I felt that she matured" and claimed that "ended up not getting married deal with her but it happened that there are people who said that words are not healthy And I invite him through my dialogue with you to present his evidence to prove the marriage to Halim of Suad and Oujdi Hakim also went on the road to useful , while many denied the alleged marriage, like Ali Badrakhan and Samir Sabry, and marveled at the produced novels that did not base on a guide, and it was born of the ideas of the owners who showed their proximity to Halim, which is opposite of the truth ".

He added to Al-Masry Al-Youm: "All that is rumored is that there is no evidence for it and do not forget that Halim is a rich material. Many people try to break into their privacy so they can get fame and money, but unfortunately this is at the expense of truth and honesty. One was to receive the friends and guests of Nightingale and also to the repetitions. The other wing was dedicated to the establishment of the Halim family, where Shehata and Ferdos lived, the son of Aunt Halim, and also my mother. As his leader, he knew everybody big and small about him, and was severely disturbed when her time was poisoned. This speech said Mafeesh's need for those I received and I act as a connection to Halim, the others Who spoke these words were neither friends Halim.

Zainab said, "Your marriage is certainly due to the division and proportion and that Halim knew the size of his health problems and he told my mom and aunt every time I pushed him to marry my parents and the children Htrmlua and Suad Hosni for him something beautiful since confinement and helped her in the beginning of her artistic life, He stood next to her and told us that her life is almost a big part of her life and he continued to support her for the last of her life and really connected to each other , but never married.

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