What could be fatal on a "first date"? Cláudia Lopes responds!

adminJanuary 10, 2019

When it comes to TVI's new program, "First Dates", we talked to the journalist Cláudia Lopes, who told us about the best and worst that could happen in a first meeting.

For the TVI journalist, the appearance is very important in a first meeting: "You can't miss … hygiene! Malta, it's important! A small bathrobe, washed clothes … a clean look … I don't think so may be missing. "

Talking about what can be deadly on a "first date", Cláudia Lopes did not hesitate to comment: "Food in the teeth! It's very bad … imagine the person trying to make his best smile … and then, either olive or kiwi seeds. "

Despite not remembering the first date she had, the journalist says she has "saved" many friends from complicated meetings: "I've already saved many date friends. If you do it very badly, send an SMS and then leagues. .. "

Beyond hygiene, which for Cláudia Lopes is fundamental in the first meeting, there is something that also appreciates much: "The person must above all be honest."

When the question of the possibility of a kiss on a "first date", the TVI reporter replied: "It's a difficult question, but I think it's a Brazilian saying that" Are we coming here to drink or to talk? "so I think that's all said [risos]. "

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