What causes singer Ricky Martin's dark circles?

adminJanuary 6, 2019

Action and with dark circles, Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin is in several photos published on his Instagram account. The reason? Lucia, her newborn daughter, who enjoys all babies, requires parental attention.

Martin revealed that he has "days without sleep and I'm happy", in one of the pictures he gnaws, disheveled and with a hand on his head.

"50 shadows of dark circles under my eyes. # Dreams deprivation #Feliz," he commented in another of the pictures where he echoed on a sofa also with a hand on his head and looks pale.

The interpreter of musical successes such as La bomba and Livin & la vida loca recently announced the arrival of their daughter with great enthusiasm in their social networks.

"We are pleased to announce that we have become parents of a beautiful and healthy girl whom we have called Lucía Martin-Yosef. This has undoubtedly been a unique birthday and celebration of Christmas in our lives," he said on Instagram.

And he said, "both his brothers and Jwan and I are completely in love with our baby and grateful to start this 2019 with the best gift we could receive, the gift of life."

The famous artist, who is married to the painter and sculptor Jwan Yosef, has the twins Matteo and Valentino celebrating this 2019 11 years.

Martin did not say how the girl was renewed, and several shows specialized in the show have speculated that the twins may be through a stomach bed, a term that does not like the singer and ensures that he "borrows a stomach" and does not pay.

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