What are the beautiful faces of Gabriel Cotabita. Who likes Aela, Milena and Eliza

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Gabriel Cotabita and Ioana Nagy met in Craiova, where the woman was an Italian teacher. "Two to three months after we met, we were also engaged. Then I drew it for about three years to convince her to take the next step and then we got married. Since we met and until we attended 19 years have passed ", Gabriel Cotabita said several years ago for Tango Magazine.

At the age of 38, Gabriel Cotabita's eldest daughter is Aela, who is married and has two children. The two other girls by Gabriel Cotabita, the twins Milena and Eliza, currently have 32 years and are very good friends with multiple stars, along with whom they often shoot.

Here are the three grandparents looking like!

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