What Archie's verdict means for the rest of Season 3

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Spoilers ahead for the premiere of season 3 of Riverdale in the CW.

The wildest youth drama on television returned to the airwaves with the premiere of the third season of Riverdale in The CW, and the fans, no doubt, were more than ready to discover what awaited them after the end of season 2 that ended with Archie arrested for murder. Well, the main plot of the premiere revolved around Archie's trial, and the verdict is in: Archie pleaded guilty and is behind bars.

Curiously, Riverdale In fact, he skipped most of Archie's trial and was picked up just in time so that viewers could know the lawyers' final arguments. Although the fans know perfectly well that Archie is not guilty of actually committing a murder, the truth did not seem to matter, since Archie's less than wonderful features were spun to create an image of a violent killer. After the final arguments, the judge kidnapped the jury in the rooms of a hotel and sent everyone home for the long weekend of Labor Day.

Although Archie had time to enjoy a party at Cheryl Blossom's pool and then go swimming (hopefully, without leeches) with Veronica, Betty and Jughead, she felt guilty for not having stopped the murder the previous spring. When it was time for the jury to announce their decision, they had a surprise for everyone: they were hung desperately, with six believers guilty of Archie and six innocents. The judge had no choice but to declare a mistrial and prepare the court to start over.

Archie was not happy to know that everyone would have to go through a trial again, so when the prosecution offered him a deal involving him pleading guilty to a lesser charge, he took the opportunity. The positive side of the minor charge means that you will not go to jail, and the time already served will suffice; The drawback is that it is aimed at the detention of minors for two years. Against the advice of his mother / lawyer and Veronica's pleas, Archie accepted the deal on the spot and addressed Juvie.

Now, since this is Riverdale Y Riverdale It's basically Archie's story, we can bet Archie will not be behind bars all season. The trial verdict with him aimed at Juvie instead of maximum security means that it could be simpler for his friends to get him out of the clink than if he had been convicted of the original charge, although it also means that we have to give up our dreams of a Riverdale/Arrow crossover in the prison with Archie and Oliver Queen.

Yes, Archie will inevitably be out of detention before the end of the third season. In fact, I put my money in it to get their papers to walk at the end of the end of the middle season. Riverdale However, he surely would not have sent Archie to the detention of minors for no reason, and his imprisonment could mean that he meets someone very important during his passage behind bars. It is likely that he has some allies thanks to the imprisoned Serpents that Jughead promised, but the promotion for the next episode reveals that he is looking for bruises in the detention of minors.

Archie is undoubtedly in the clink for a reason, and we can bet that that means Riverdale has kept some new tricks for the rest of season 3. Veronica refused to allow Archie to break up with her and is firmly against her father after he framed Archie, so she will probably be very involved in the story of Archie, even if they can. Exactly at any pool party soon. That said, if Archie behind bars does not appeal to you, there should be many things elsewhere.

Betty ended the episode with an attack due to what could be abstinence from drugs, hallucination, something that was happening with the creepy people in La Granja, the vision / vision of Polly and her mother hanging the twins in flames, or some unknown cause. The revelation of Black Hood was not the end of Betty's family problems! Release the Gargoyle King who seemed willing to sacrifice two of Jughead's friends, and things are shaping up to be as dark and twisted as ever in Season 3. And musical, eventually!


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