What a secret Stela Popescu hides! Alexandru Arsinel revealed everything!

adminDecember 30, 2018

Alexandru Arsinel breaks the silence and makes the revelation of the moment! It has been more than a year since the great actress Stela Popescu was found breathing in her home. Time has passed and an incredible detail has appeared!

Painfully, Alexandru Arsinel has recently announced that even though a year has passed, the pain is still too great: "Stela will wait for us every time. She never goes!"

Invited to the show in Antena 3, Alexandru Arşinel made some really exciting revelations about Stela Popescu and the relationship between the two! How did these great artists in the Romanian theater know what unusual secret came to light?

"She was very beautiful, loud, she spread a lot of joy to the others. Just to me how many times I didn't let myself be overwhelmed by problems. She never left full of trouble and never showed her upset," the actor said.

Find out more secrets and revelations by watching the video over!

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