"What a nonsense you are, you do not know what you lose and your brain when it breaks in"

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Probably because of this Moix came out on the market with banal, on the verge of evidence, not the elegant phrases: & # 39; & # 39; I say the truth. At age 50, I can no longer love a woman of my age. I think it's too old. " But Moix is ​​50 years old, and you should understand that you can't say it all through your mind. The truth is not always a value in itself. As in this case, an adult would know. But it must be said that there are men who do not grow, but only grow older. says column.

"Maybe," Monsieur continued in the interview, When I'm 60, I can do it. The 50 years will look young to me& # 39; & # 39 ;.

So, with a little arithmetic, he should now be 40 years old. But Moix doesn't stop: "The body of a 25-year-old woman is amazing, 50 years old has nothing extraordinary." Evrika, here's a breakthrough! but If we think well, millions of 50-year-olds look endlessly better than any 25, says Valeria.

Being an intellectual could have made a comparison: What are the differences between a woman of 50 and a 25? Probably have the problem. But who knows if he has answered. French journalist and author Colombe Schneck publishes on Twitter a post and a picture at the bottom: "This is the bottom of a 52-year-old woman … how stupid are you, you do not know what you and your brain lose."

Voices from former premieres Valerie Trierweiller, the republic of Mars's spokesman, Olivia Gregoire and the feminist writer Mona Chollet, unified the disks. Out of age, Moix seems to have a very precise idea of ​​the typology of a woman joining, saying she "prefers Asian women, that is, Japanese, Chinese or Korean." But can he be moved, deaf, blind, orphaned? A nice guy Moix, comfortable and as little male as possible. He still has to find a 25 year old heroine.

Moix must solve his physical decay because he does not have much and must hire a woman to wash his dirty linen. Only then will he suddenly jump into reality that he does not offer Asian for 25 years, he will get the age where he will realize that he confuses the women he requires. There are problems that Moix really knows about. She even wrote a book ..He knows everything, so the June prim is given. If he has the impression that he understands women, he is wrong ", writes editorial editor Valeria Bragheri in Il Giornale.

Elena Udrea, what VESTE! Her lawyer did just the announcement shortly after

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