What a love! Even after two children, she loves it

adminNovember 27, 2018

Recently a successful singer and actor, known from the Otecko series, Filip Tůma has published an image he kisses on his beloved half. According to the flag at the moment, we think that they chose Italy.

It seems that they enjoyed a regular time without children. It can be seen that the couple is still in love with each other, and that Nela literally glows at her Philip. The mother is very close to her, she is more beautiful than ever before and gives her satisfaction.

Torko and Lianka are like "through a copier"

In April this year, Nela gave birth to her second child, daughter Lianka. The little princess has more than half a year and makes the whole family happy. After birth, a happy mother told us that the siblings would not cry, and Hektor and Lianka were very similar. Although everyone can have a different view …

"Torko manages adequately for her age. She does not care about Lianka, sometimes when she is in the mood, she gets her to kiss and sometimes when she is in a mood she makes her feel bad. I think it's all natural , " She told us how the firstborn was used to the nurse's arrival.

No maternity lands, love their children above all. Even these beautiful moments are proof …

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