We've been living the last two months with Uranis rebellion in Aries! It will only repeat over 84 years! Follow Uranus in Taurus for 7 years – shocking changes!

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Horoscope. We live one of the most important astral events in early 2019: Uranus, the shocking planet of innovation, sudden movement, rebellion and evolution, came out of retrograde in Aries and continues the movement for two months, then enters Taurus until 2026. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1942!

Horoscope As Uranus makes a complete rotation through the twelve signs in 84, Uranus will still be in Aries barely over 84 years, so some of those living now capture Uranus in Aries for the last time in this life. It is important. Uranus has been in Aries since 2010, and now we expect that the last hundred meters in March will tell us the song song, and we will get the latest lessons, messages or benefits of this important and long-term transit.

Horoscope Let's remind ourselves: Uranus came out of Aries after 8 years on May 15, 2018, and entered Taurus, and then, due to its retrograde movement that began in August, he made a comeback in Aries in November. From November onwards you may have experienced some shock or shock, as remnants of your life that do not serve you for the future must be resolved, and Uranus releases everything with a hard and fast shot.

Horoscope Because Uranus is 7-8 years old in a character, that's a lot, he can be the publisher of new ears in our collective experience. Uranus is a generation plan that colors long-term themes, inventions, beliefs and politics.

But the energies of Uranus also affect our personal consciousness, of course!

Horoscope Uranus is different. Uranus is not at all like other planets. The only way to understand Uranus is to accept that you do not understand it at all, at least not with our minds as they are structured. Uranus is the flame of inspiration that comes from heaven. It does not come from your mind, from the world around you, from the words you know, but from heaven. What brings Uranus, though rebellious, shocking, sudden and unpredictable, shakes the rigid structures that must fall to come up with what is necessarily new as an evolution for our good (although it doesn't look like it sometimes) .

Horoscope Uranus & # 39; entry into Taurus in March 2019 to 2026 is a significant change that we must be aware of. It will mark a turning point in our world on issues of work, money, body and more.

Horoscope In Aries, Uranus (and still is 2 months) was intense, creative, a pioneer, but these energies must also be used wisely. Uranus in Aries encourages extreme individualism and a culture that forgets to balance different views.

Whatever happens during Uranus in Taurus, we know that Uranus in Aries paved the way.

IHoroscope As Uranus himself was retrograde in Aries, you got a new chance to review the topics that were in your life between 2010 and 2018. If you still have work on your personal freedom and independence, Uranus in Aries will put pressure on for another 2 months You deal with any challenges you have with your authority or obligations you have on yourself and that do not allow you to evolve into new potential.

So, released from retrograde, we are living the last two months of Uranus & # 39; direct migration to Aries, months when the last remaining past has burned. Waiting for progress in any field requires courage, initiative or new beginnings (perhaps related to everything that has been since May 27, 2010 when Uranus first entered the Aries).

It will be an urgency for Uranus in its last hundred meters in Aries, especially as it will return to this transit and make its contribution to mankind for over 84 years!

Horoscope In some cases, what began in May 2010 may be over (this will only be the case if the situation only served as a catalyst for change and nothing more). If something goes away, you can't stop it. If you feel an increasing distance for a current situation, it means that it is appropriate. If the past disappears with the speed you almost don't see in the rearview mirror, it's time again.

As you look back to 2010, you are aware of how far you have come.

Why have you saved us then and since, and where's your courage with you?

Horoscope For what kind of situation in your life do you still need to exploit this kind of rebellious and powerful energy given by Uranus in Aries?
You have 2 months!

What does your last 2 months sign with URANUS IN BERBEC mean for March 2019?


Horoscope. Uranus travels in your sign after completing his 5-month retrograde. There has been a crazy trip here over the last eight years, because Uranus has increased your independence and fierce individuality. You have a two month window available to integrate all the freedom and self-knowledge you have achieved and apply to setting long-term and long-term goals. Now you are more aware of who you are, so if you go boldly, you will be less disturbed by sudden changes in direction than you have suggested. (How could you if you didn't live the lessons that Uranus taught you in Aries the last eight years?).


Horoscope. Uranus rebels have completed five months of retrograde movement and have traveled in the past two months in Aries and your sector that respond to mysterious and subconscious. There are many surprises and revelations that Uranus has brought and will bring them through these mysterious realms. You have a two-month window to embrace the idea that the only constant thing in the world is change, and that in life things happen that you have no control whatsoever. You've already learned that irritations can be a hundred at the bottom, so a big step before you need to get out of the wound, go all the way before it gets much easier to handle the waves of change that come. (How could you if you didn't live the lessons that Uranus taught you in Aries the last eight years?).


Horoscope. The unpredictable Uranus has completed its five-month retrograde journey and is already engaged in the journey of the Aries for two months and through the social sector. In those years since 2010, you have had unique and smart friends who have taught you to respect your individuality. Although it doesn't look like this, that came to your life, you even got to learn this even if they were the opposite. Now you have a two-month window to integrate the lessons of being open to men and strange human connections. These experiences have prepared you to have more confidence, as surprising aspects of your personality will be revealed in the coming months, aspects to be accepted and loved (how could you if you did not live the lessons you had Uranus surrender to Being the last 8 the years?).

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