"Wer wird Millionär": Doubtful Special with DJ Ötzi

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Updated January 8, 2019, 16:20

Are the Creators of Evergreen "Who Should Be a Millionaire?" gone too far? They put the spectators to the popular quiz show on trial – with a "Hüttengaudi Special" and a performance by DJ Ötzi.

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In fact, the offer of "Who will be a millionaire?" Give regular variation. After all, the cross-country favorite has been running since 1999. But the frequency of the offers takes over to many loyal fans. The last example of this: The hut's fun special.

"Actually Now, RTL," Hüttengaudi-Special "? I would be back for a" regular episode "special, it wasn't long," is one of many Twitter comments on the broadcast on Monday, for which the WWM studio was turned into a winter landscape with cabin and artificial snow.

Does he fit the WWM?

Especially on the appearance of Aprés-Ski-Garant DJ Ötzi, some spectators had something to complain about. You wonder how the pop singer, who performed his hit "Ein Stern" and then his very own version of hit "Bella Ciao", perfectly fits the format.

A Twitter user writes: "Is it really that bad if the program DJ Ötzi must perform?" Another user agrees with him: "My humor level is sometimes questionable, but DJ Ötzi can't be beaten too embarrassingly myself."

RTL seems to know nothing about a less successful specialty. On Twitter, the transmitter announces: "The quotas brought the snow to melt: 4.32 million viewers and a good 11.8 percent (14-59 years) saw the wintery WWM yesterday."

At least the question and answer went with the candidates as usual. Cologne Martin Reuscher went home with 32,000 euros, after the extra joker asked him the question "What has recently been in many supermarkets with a four-level symbol similar to a compass? A: sweets B: beer bottles C: fresh meat D: tropical fruit" with C correctly answered.

Oberhausen's Kristian Schneider left it at € 16,000 after asking the question, "Which athletes are most represented in 2018 & # 39; Forbes' list of the world's 100 most paid athletes?" could not answer (right: basketball player).

Candidate Katja Gericke also said goodbye with 16,000 euros. She won it with the right answer A to the question: What is offered in many stores as new? A: Destroyed Jeans, B: Killed Hats, C: Spray Shoes, D: Ruined Jackets.


Note d. Ed .: In a previous version of the article, the correct answer to the question is "Which athletes are most represented at 2018 & # 39; Forbes & # 39; list of the world's 100 most paid athletes?" errors stated as "Formula 1 pilots". Properly, however, the answer is "basketball player".

In the celebrity special of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" So many a prominent rifle took place for a good cause. But which candidate broke the million jackpot and which star had to pay for less?

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