Well, what is this new Michel Polnareff album worth?

adminNovember 30, 2018

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Finally! Well … those who say it, Michel Polnareff, and his universal record company … Finally! which was announced in the fall of 2014, when in early 2016. Polnareff, 74 years old, provocative king and melody's champion, a dazzling start of career, the sequel to ups and downs. For several months, between 2014 and 2015, we knew it at the ICP studio in Brussels, which constantly put the book at work, refined to infinity …

Finally what, this tenth studio album for fifty years by Michel Polnareff? Beautiful, not from beginning to end, but at the beginning and the end, by intro and autro, Phantom and Agua Caliente, two instrumental high flyers. Phantom (of the opera ?) reminiscent of the removed movie music that Polna has the opportunity to, for example The madness of the greatness (1971) or The revenge of the worm raised (1984). Small movie itself, this orchestra package with almost 11 minutes finds its answer to coda, with a Agua Calientefrom caliente.

Between the two is listening and often forgetting. As in the scene in 2016, it seems that Polna thinks she's Johnny. But is not Johnny like, and Sumi , Blatant Ophelia Beds as well as longtime falls into the water without a repeat possible. Same too positions like echo Kama Sutras (1990), is only worth of its jazz orchestra on a pretty twisted rhythm that would not have denied a Dave Brubeck. At least we can say that Michel Polnareff has the rocket Brussels Jazz Orchestra!

In a way, longtime is a true song where he says "I can not find words for that song, every day I write something …"In addition to a rock-rolled attitude, these are indifferent texts, not funny, Happy Earth, Man in red… In the middle, this album contains two beads, Do not grow, where we find the piano's radiant elegance, the majesty of the voice, and Louka sang, another fast-paced instrument at Elton John. Two small jewels that Polnareff dedicates to his son Louka, 7 years old.

So that's it Finally!, as we will remember the huge melodist, pianist, orchestrator and organizer who remains his author. But, after waiting, nothing more is expected than that. 28 years later Kama Sutras It's a left or a double for Michel Polnareff. Will sailors be at the admiral's rendezvous? In the case of commercial errors, Finally!would sign the sinking of his phonographic career.

Finally!, Michel Polnareff, Universal Music.

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