Weekly horoscope January 1 – January 6, 2019. Which characters are right in the new year

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Weekly horoscope 1.-6. January 2019. The first week of the New Year brings the first attempts at the zodiac. Here are the most fortunate natives.

Astrological events this week:

– January 1, 2019: Mars begins on its Aries transit

– January 2, 2019: The Sun (in Capricorn) associated with Saturn (in Capricorn)

– January 4, 2019: Trine between Mercury (in Sagittarius) and Uranus (in Taurus)

– January 4, 2019: Sun (in Capricorn) sextile with Neptune (in fish)

– January 5, 2019: The beginning of the Mercury transit in Capricorn

– January 6, 2019: The new moon in Capricorn

– January 6, 2019: Uranus becomes direct in Aries

Weekly horoscope January 1-6, 2019 ram

You can find out who will help you complete a professional approach.

You can also go abroad and your country's friends can come to you and you can build the bridge again. Some frustration in the financial plan, but there is nothing to pose in the long run.

Weekly horoscope January 1-6, 2019 bull

It is possible to get to know someone who has wavelength and to enter a new relationship. You are in the mood, you want to try new experiences.

The money happens even if you do not want to overcome a bar, but as a result you have not taken into account situations and you will make slalom among the expenses.

Weekly horoscope January 1-6, 2019 Gemini

You will make new friends if you go out for a friendly meeting, and if you are alone, someone new will appear.

For those who already have relationships, the sentimental relationship promises to be better and marry, either this year or in the second, and forget about all the ups and downs of your life.

Weekly horoscope January 1-6, 2019 cancer

Guests can get on the road or meet them in the city, for coffee, at a restaurant and have a drink in the shops.

A long-awaited response from someone who loves you and is the confirmation you needed to move forward, with confidence and hope, in your future two.

Weekly horoscope January 1-6, 2019 Leo

It is possible to thank for the results of a lasting job and to take money, gifts, a title, congratulations, applause.

Maybe you go for a walk, you have fun in an adventure park, and you should train your kids to enjoy such an experience that they do not meet too often.

Weekly horoscope January 1-6, 2019 Virgin

It may return to the person you started a relationship with, but no sign of life, and now you are ready.

There is an opportunity to go for a walk, spend a few days elsewhere in the country, and charge the batteries for a long time.

Weekly horoscope January 1-6, 2019 balance

Someone you hold needs your and you want to do everything to see, spend a few days together.

Take good care of your health. You are not in the best shape and you can have a cold or a respiratory disease.

Weekly horoscope January 1-6, 2019 scorpion

You can surprise your partner and book a room in a recreation area to enjoy peace, the pleasant and refreshing atmosphere.

In the middle of the interval, you can sign an employment contract, even a collaboration and choose with a pay increase, to cover the expenses during this period.

Weekly horoscope January 1-6, 2019 piercing

Maybe you have time to go to the gym, take a move, you are also interested in the things you like, some activities that will relieve you of excitement.

You need to insist more on getting a signature, approving a deal or having some amenities.

Weekly horoscope January 1-6, 2019 Capricorn

It is possible to take some money and buy various homemade snacks and guests who can come to you on New Year's Eve.

Stay good from a health point of view, and the energy seems to be very good at this time.

Weekly horoscope 1.-6. January 2019 Aquarius

You will achieve a job-related goal, accept a work strategy and kick it professionally.

You will also be able to solve the things you have ignored, but your time has come and you will talk to those you owe them with some explanation to resolve older conflicts.

Weekly horoscope 24.-30 2018 FISH

You can be of great help to a brother, a sister or someone close, and who has no support. You can make an effort to be more communicative with both your partner and your affiliation, in general, to make things even better between you than before.

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