Weekend Horoscope December 28-30, 2018. Last weekend 2018, Moon in Libra! What is the message for your sign to close 2018 and meet 2019?

adminDecember 28, 2018

Horoscope. Here is the weekend horoscope on December 28 to 30, 2018, a weekend that also means the last few days in December and the controversial year 2018. During these three days, the moon is in a harmonious and balanced Libra. Thanks to this transit, the universe gives us a last month and year that gives us hope that it will improve. If everything is already good in your life, you can hope through the moon in Libra that things will continue to be harmonious and that you can keep them with your thoughts, feelings and actions. If 2018 was a challenging year, with lessons, trials, or painful past releases, the Moon in Libra comes with a peaceful, peaceful energy that conveys the hope that life will eventually balance, you will heal, and you will find power to reinvent. Yourself as it is supposed to be better for you.

Horoscope. The last thing we are allowed to give up when we live is faith and hope.

Horoscope. If we notice everything Cosmos tells us through planetary movements that govern us, we will always receive guidance, hope, and faith.
Having had a spectacular astraluke – Capricorn-like debut with winter solstice and Superluna full of cancer – and we had feelings out of the memories of memories or just starting to meet our family in the days of Christmas, here are days of healing and insurance.
The last few days in 2018 where we balance, we plan and send hope to the universe in 2019, we prepare for how we choose to meet the New Year. There are days when the moon is in Libra.

Horoscope. With the moon in Libra, the focus is on relationships and relationships.
This combination is gentle and creates a welcoming atmosphere in the home.
It is ideal to spend quality time with some loved ones. Show him your gratitude by creating a romantic atmosphere or preparing something delicious. If you are alone, you can still enjoy Libra's energy by inviting good friends to dinner in town.
If you have a good impression, the Moon in Libra helps make things come easy, charm and grace. People are more diplomatic, so it is easy to create relationships. You may have a strong need to socialize now.

Horoscope. The moon in Libra also activates the energy of creativity.

Horoscope. Explain it with the clothes you are preparing for New Year's Eve, choose different colors and be careful how others react to the creation.
Also under the moon in Libra is a perfect moment to feel and show gratitude. What better time than at the end of the year to be grateful for everything that was ahead of what the universe would bring to you? Look around and say THANK YOU for everything you are and you have. The universe belongs. Gratitude opens paths for love and more abundance. And the moon in Libra helps this process!
When the moon surpasses Libra, you can become more aware of the needs of others. The universe sends us the message: you are not alone in the world, looking at them around you, what can you do with them?

Horoscope. Good weekend activities under the moon in Libra:

Horoscope. Spend quality time with your loved one. Show him as he is valued, make his favorite food, create a romantic atmosphere. If you are alone, invite a good friend or business partner to the restaurant. Organize and participate outside the house at a party or social gathering / You You are at theater, exhibitions, movies, where people gather to see creations, see the beautiful / Create something beautiful in your house / Communicate a conflict with the goal of restoring harmony in relationships / Buy beautiful clothes / Suggest to reach a balance / Raise yourself, destroy your beloved or love.

HOROSCOP BERBEC (March 21 – April 20)

Horoscope. You still need to clean up your subconscious world. Dilemmas and chaotic dialogues can be dominant, but you can feel the truth coming out as you sink into your emotional world and find realistic answers about who you are and who you are. Don't give up any manipulators of any kind, remind yourself to stay on land all the time. The things you most doubt about can be real though, so try not to wait too long and get rid of the need to know and see how everything comes out. You have no reason to make quick decisions anyway.
He meets New Year 2019 as he says "Good Ramas and Thank You 2018" with the statement: "I let things happen and unfold in their natural rhythm."

HOROSCOP TAUR (April 21 – May 21)

Horoscope. Finally, you are ready to end some topics or tasks that have been around for a while and reach their final stage. While your sense of security may be affected, you are prepared to take new steps towards an unknown direction, and you should not hesitate too much when your heart rings. What you need is courage and open mind. Life can surprise you in many ways, but you are supposed to live it on its maximum potential. If you choose not to do anything about things that bothers you, they may remain as unsatisfactory for a long time.
He meets New Year 2019 as he says "Good Ramas and Thank You 2018" with the statement: "I'm ready to make a new move for a new life."

HOROSCOP GEMENI (May 22 – June 21)

Your plans for the future can be quite drastic at first glance, but you are sure they will give you good results in the long run, so it gives energy to the ideas you have in mind these days. While this is a strange period where many things can happen in the ground or in secret, you can clearly see what the future atmosphere you want to be, but also that you want to avoid. Listen to the instinct that will lead you in the right direction.
He meets New Year 2019 while saying "Good Ramas and Thank You 2018" with the statement: "I strongly respect you"

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