Weekend Horoscope 29 – 30 December 2018. Sign who receives special news

adminDecember 29, 2018

Weekend Horoscope 29 – 30 December 2018. This is the last weekend of this year, and a character receives very good news.

For three other natives, the stars are not so favorable

Here are the stars who have booked this weekend!


Saturday: Today is a relaxing day when just a shock and playful attitude can get you out of the box.

Sunday: What you're ready to start now – a business, a journey, a great project – will be the fruit of the best in the future, but everything depends on the energy and momentum you begin with.


Saturday: If you get rid of the situation you feel stuck in, you'll be able to see things from above, like in a very clear picture and make the best decision.

Sunday: Don't be so critical of those around you, but see them as they are. Okay, they won't be perfect, you're not after all, but instead of defeating just the mistakes, why don't you see that they have a long list of qualities that are more valuable.


Saturday: You have magic instruments available to solve things very easily, but you have to take your heart in your teeth to resist the current demands of others.

Sunday: Talk to your friend honestly. Tell him what you want from him, tell him how to see your relationship, tell him kindly what you think of him, to build the relationship on a very solid and sincere basis.


Saturday: You don't know them all, so it's not terrible in a situation where you have more to win if you say honestly: I don't know!

Sunday: Sacred things are the greatest concern of the day, because you have a very special focus on everything related to divinity, church, this more sensitive side of life.


Saturday: The good news that comes today is like a fresh breath after a stressful and strenuous period.

Sunday: You have no idea what wealth you are visiting today, it's about being on the go and not rejecting it. It can come through a messenger that you have to bring with your open arms.


Saturday: A miracle does not last much and the same thing you have today, having lived a few days in a dream, and everything seems to come back to reality.

Sunday: The news that comes from the distant is a little worried and demoralizes you as well as finding just sad things about mistakes, losses or other events with some dramatic things.


Saturday: The financial plan has a favorable improvement, as if you get rid of a huge burden! It can be a sum of money exactly when you need it most.

Sunday: Be as loose and realistic as possible, and look at things with maturity and seriousness, because it takes a cold attitude to get the best conclusion right now.


Saturday: The atmosphere in the house is a little tense, because some unforeseen problems have arisen that destroy the family's harmony.

Sunday: The plan you work for so long begins to linger, a sign that it doesn't go where you want. Maybe it's time to change direction.


Saturday: You are attracted to an alliance that does not honor you, along with a group of people who prefer to gossip and spread raw and untrue words rather than appreciate the good side of things.

Sunday: He does not accept the author's way of being imposed on everyone, because this attitude does not allow you to express yourself freely.


Saturday: You can go on the road to see relatives from afar who will receive you with their open arms.

Sunday: The more you think about the situation you're in, without rushing to give a quick answer, the greater the chances of making the best choice.


Saturday: Fatigue that accumulates in the past tells the word in an activity where you need concentration, attention, physical effort.

Sunday: Do not subject yourself to such limitations and limitations! Give yourself more freedom as a sign that you love yourself more, without having to undergo such serious limitations.


Saturday: You need some guarantees of love, as if your partner would not inspire you, at least today, too much confidence.

Sunday: Don't postpone the capital decision before you arrive, for it would just be a waste of time.

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