"Wedding at first glance". This marriage is on ice!

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Is it over after 18 months of marriage? In 2017, Selina and car mechanic engineer Steve participated in the fourth season of the wedding at first sight and at their first meeting they took promises. Almost a year and a half later, her love seems to end. Although both have fallen in love with each other, the former love birds have put their marriage on hold!

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Sat.1 documentary soap, Selina and Steve have now talked about their current relationship status. The former couple currently live separately – but both just find loving words for each other. "Steve is a very cordial person and you will find it very rare"reveals Baden-Württemberg. Even Bayer enters raptures for his wife. "Selina means a lot to me, she's a great person, a great woman: something I didn't know and expected before."

Nevertheless, the relationship between the two at present is extremely complicated. "We put a lot of pressure on ourselves, which is why we dropped our rings"Steve reveals further. Whether the two, but again find each other, the fans can see next Sunday at 17:45 clock on Sat.1.

Christina, candidate in the 4th season off Wedding at first sight, Sat.1Photos Gallery Button
Christina, candidate in season 4 of "Wedding at first sight"
Logo wedding at first sightSAT.1 / Claudius plow

Logo wedding at first sight
Steve and Selina, candidates on Sat.1 / Christoph Assmann

Steve and Selina, candidates at "Wedding at first glance"

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