We worked in an atmosphere similar to "war". I chose the heroine after filming two weeks

adminNovember 26, 2018

Russian director Darya Zuk participated in the 40th session of the Cairo International Film Festival with the movie "The Crystal Swan". The events that took place in the official competition last Saturday were attended by a number of critics and board members during the 1990s in Belarus where a young woman went out of the way because of a typographical error in applying for a wrong American visa, and force her to go to a village to make the road. To the American dream from there.

"I had a wonderful dream that I did not expect to achieve," she said. "I wanted the whole Arab world to see it," she said. ".

"The script was written in 2011 with a professional writer and was filmed last year for a month, then editing was done. The photo was taken with a normal camera, then color correction was used because the movie budget was estimated to be less than a million pounds." This is very small, "she said." I was working under pressure, and most worked for nothing. "Although the events took place in the 1990s, they were filmed this year and tried to show them without harming anyone. Photography, to feel the viewer is a state of freedom and freedom. "

She pointed out that the reason why the name of the "crystal wax" is that the crystal industry needs a lot of effort and time to reach its final shape. However, it is present in most of our houses and breaks. This is similar to the heroine of the work that attempted to reach her dream, so I tried to achieve it through revolutions.

"I did not choose the heroine, and soon after I discovered, I discovered that she was a very professional heroine," she said, and noticed that the work was the first long film to be released. : "I was a lady who received grants from America and Russia for their awareness of women's important role in the cinema."

"The audience only looks at American films in Russia, and Russian films are thought to be unsustainable, but after my release (Crystal Swan), the audience was happy to see them," she said, referring to a number of projects on her after this work. " I seek to be my primary support women. »

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