We shall judge! Rhythm ruptured nerves for Jasmine's pregnancy

adminNovember 30, 2018

The privacy of the most sought-after couples in Slovak scouting and Jasminy pregnancy assumptions has gradually become the main theme of some tabloid discs. But now there has been so much for the prominent couple.

One of the Slovakian media provided information that she knew Jasmine would be a mother. When they saw this couple, they said it was enough and Rhythm had literally plotted to judge the newspapers because they allegedly thought Jasmine was pregnant for the second time:

"Speculation is the end, IDEME SA DO !!!"

He then expressed strong words about what maternity mentions for him and how he abused him in this way, and encouraged people to follow unjustified thoughts that led to his nose: "Absolutely unprofessional and disrespectful to as intimate things as birth. Having a child is a gift and not a means of deceiving and serving readers."

Charming presenter Jasmina Alagich and the successful rhythm rapper live in private enviable love that they seek to protect against the heat. However, bad tongue always finds its way, but this time the prominent couple will not go without an answer.

However, the privacy of the celebrity is in a few moments a delicate matter, especially when it's a fake guess about a big thing like pregnancy. But look at what Jasmina himself has recently told us:

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