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adminNovember 26, 2018

At the launch of the ninth season of Dance with the stars September 29, at TF1, he was "outsider" among all other candidates. In fact, if he liked a certain notoriety abroad with his various fashion shows, Terence Telle was for a large majority of the audience on the show quite unknown. Despite this lack of celebrity, the model has seduced viewers and has been rescued many times face to face. He has also paid luxury to eliminate Pamela Anderson of the competition. Greeted with Clement Remiens and Iris Mittenaere, the young man bent to the doors to the final. He will return for Tele-Loisirs on his career in the show.

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Télé-Loisirs: You are eliminated at the doors of the final. Not so disappointed?

Terence Telle I'm not disappointed at all. I had a wonderful adventure with very nice meetings and especially that Fauve Hautot. I have absolutely no regrets. I feel I've really given everything and worked hard. If I lived at the reserve during the show, I had regret, but that's not really the case. Dance with the stars was the most beautiful adventure in my life.

How did you approach this semifinal against very big personalities like Clement Remiens and Iris Mittenaere?

Before the bonus, I told myself that it was a great adventure, which I found myself very much supported by the general public. I was aware of being challenger in this semifinal and I am already preparing for the exit.

How did you experience the many meetings you met met?

The first "face to face" under the second bonus was very hard to cash. I was extremely disappointed because I had really prepared myself thoroughly before I started the show. After the third and fourth "face to face" I began to get used to it even though it puts a lot of pressure every time.

Do you think your life in the show is due to the dancer Fauve Hautot, especially popular with the audience?

I think that each pair had its character. Fauve is actually very popular and appreciated by the general public, but we were above all a couple. If I was not up to it, I do not think the viewers would have supported us. But I realize that it was not won for me first and that helped me a lot.

It's a big event that marked your adventure: It's your cervical injury. How did you live?

To be honest, the day after my injury, I certainly could not move. And I told myself that if everything had to stop because of that, it would be the worst thing that could happen to me. From the moment I knew I could dance again, I really went on the floor. This damage obviously reminded me of the order.

We had the feeling that you were also very close Tamara Marthe. Can you tell us more?

Shy is a very charming woman, I find her funny, smart, so she obviously likes many people, including me. We have many things in common. And for a prize, she complimented me and said that my performance had put my hearts in my eyes and everything was packed. I really hope we will keep in touch because he is an extraordinary person.

What is Dance with the stars has changed in your daily life?

I get many love messages from people I do not know, and it's very touching me. And more personally, before the show, I wanted to move into the United States, and now I'm going to stay in Paris to continue my career.

Saturday is the grand final: who do you see winning the competition?

I think they both have their qualities, they are two very talented young people. They deserve both to win this edition. It's true that I'm closer to Clement, we deliriously together. May be the best winner!

What are your plans now?

I really want to break into movies. I have the feeling that in France there is really no place for diversity and I want to change the situation. If I had a wizard, I would see myself playing a role in a cartoon movie.

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