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adminJanuary 8, 2019

Because still water is deep …

The water girl Kelleth Cuthbert became known as the secret star of the Golden Globes overnight: With her sweet smile and water board, she almost stole celebrities like Heidi and Tom from the show because she was wondering every picture in the background.

The fact that behind the sweet smile is much more, one could actually have thought of the action on the red carpet. A look at their Instagram account shows that Kelleth really has a lot more to do than stay neat and carry a tray.

<img class = "photo ondemand zoomable" src = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAAAAAABAAEAAAAAAA7A" data-img-src = "https://pictures.picture.com/photos-scaled/kelleth-cuthbert -a-in-shadow-of-promise-known-if-you-hold-you-you-soon-self-egg-201019327-59417364 / 4, w = 1280, c = 0.picture.jpg "alt =" Kelleth Cuthbert has become known in celebrities, and if she continues, she will soon become a "data-zoom-title =" Kelleth Cuthbert has become known in celebrities, and if she continues, she will soon become a self

Photo: Getty Images for FIJI Water

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Kelleth Cuthbert became known in the shadow of celebrities. If she goes on like this she will soon be one herselfPhoto: Getty Images for FIJI Water

The model from L.A. seems to give absolutely nothing to chance – Kelleth Cuthbert uses every platform as much as possible. When Kelleth does not steal the spotlight from superstars, she has pretty quick hobbies and is a model in front of the camera itself.

How does it look when she has the lens (almost) everything to herself?

She finds paint and leather chic

She is standing on hot boxes

She can also throw axes

She likes to dance through rap videos

She is also a hobby sniper

She finds the hinges cool

Short bikinis and dogs are also her things

Of course, he can tame her

Although her friend Christopher von Steinbach has a German name, she is an American, living and working at L.A. like Kelleth.

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