Watch Spider-Man's Tom Holland try pumpkin filling for the first time

adminNovember 22, 2018

Tom Holland could be one of the best stars of Hollywood thanks to his passage through the Avengers, but there are still things that Spiderman The actor still has to do. After all, Thanksgiving is something that the British star has managed to avoid, but it seems that Holland has known one of the best parts of the holidays.

Yes, the star has tasted a Thanksgiving pumpkin, and seems to be a fan.

Recently, Holland received a cooking lesson with director Joe Russo, one of the men who oversee Avengers 4. The director has just helped open a restaurant in Los Angeles called Simone, and his chef Jessica Largey gave Holland a lesson in Thanksgiving.

As you can see above, the star worked with Largey to cook something known as a Japanese pumpkin. The vegetable, which is actually a kabocha squash, has a flavor and texture similar to a normal Thanksgiving pumpkin. Then, when Largey prepared a plate with the food, Holland decided to jump into the Christmas spirit.

According to Holland, he said that the dish made by Largey will definitely be the best pumpkin he has ever tasted.

"It's hard to start with probably the best pumpkin I've ever had," the actor told The Associate Press.

As for the food itself, the dish prepared by Largey was complex. The kabocha squash was cooked together with some complicated flavors such as mushrooms, passion fruit and chanterelles. Some kale also came to the plate, so it is a far cry from most of the pumpkin dishes seen at a Thanksgiving feast.

"That was delicious," the actor told Largey after trying the dish. "So, I'll be back tomorrow."

Although Holland says that he mostly spends Thanksgiving at his home in the UK, his recent work in the United States has shaken his agenda. Recently, the actor spent time around the world filming the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. The actor was seen in places like Italy and the United Kingdom, while Spider-Man: away from home It worked its way through production.

As for what follows, Holland has another important Marvel date on the horizon. The actor is expected to star Avengers 4 which will debut next summer, and fans are eager to see how Peter Parker will recover from the events of Avengers: the war of infinity. Holland has been silent about his participation in the blockbuster, and his silence has received funny reactions. The actor's loose mouth has become famous among fans, but there are many others who are grateful that Holland has learned to close his lips when it comes to the MCU.

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