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Cardi B chased after Nicki Minaj in her most epic Instagram defeat so far, furious that Nicki said it was Rah Ali who "beat" Cardi at NYFW! Cardi wants to see the images.

Cardi b25 years, I had so much tea to pour, I needed 11 Instagram videos to do it! Nicki Minaj, 35, said in the episode of October 29, Queen Radio what was it Love and hip-hop in New York star Rah Ali who "beat Cardi is a ** really bad" in the The Harper's Bazaar The ICONS party on September 7 and not the "security". Cardi, who had a blow to the forehead after leaving the party, responded immediately to Nicki's claims. "This is the thing, Nicki Minaj." How do you say Rah Ali bothered me when there are so many scenes from that night, all the angles, and what is bothering me? ", Asked Cardi in the first video he posted." Ragged "It's a slang word that means" owning ", but it's also used to refer to throwing someone (by hair, etc.) during a fight." Why would I be sitting in line here like, & # 39 Oh, yes, I did this? I did it, knowing that the next day there would be a lot of footage from that night. "The" Money "also shouted Nicki for playing the" victim ", as she saw it.

"And second, how will you say that I was the wild animal, that I attacked you, that you were mortified, that they humiliated you," Cardi continued, furious. Then he had an important question for Nicki: "Do you want to be the victim or do you want to be the gangster?" Next, in the list of topics to be discussed by Cardi, were the alleged lies of the rapper "The dreams of Barbie". "You lie so much that you can not even fuck with your lies," he said. Cardi poured over what "lie" especially pressed the buttons!

"First you say you got the images, the man in the camera got them, but now, are you talking about you wanting to pay someone $ 100,000 to give you the images?" He asked. Confused, Cardi added, "You, it makes sense when you speak, I thought you were the victim." Monday Queen Radio, Nicki told her fans: "Anyone who wants to retrieve the surveillance video, I will give you $ 100,000." The hostess added that "I would never come here and I would lie". Cardi is clearly contesting Nicki's statement when she concluded her epic speech by declaring, "Get the shit out of here."

And to back the side of Cardi's story, her sister Hennessy carolina got involved in an Instagram comment war with Rah on October 28. She did not deny that Rah tried to "hit" Cardi, but added that L & HH The star is not "rag". Hennessy also stated that "Security did that in a foolish way," since his friend would not do it. "Meanwhile, Rah sticks to what Nicki believes, who commented that the & # 39; security scenario & # 39; It was cute & # 39; & # 39;

Hollywoodlife has contacted Nicki Minaj's representative for a comment.


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