Watch Alec and Hilaria Baldwin compete in push-up contest

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During his guest appearance, the future presenter of & # 39; Alec Baldwin Show & # 39; He also presented his solid impression of Robert De Niro.

Alec Baldwin showed some training movements in The show tonight Friday night, while trying to prove to the host Jimmy Fallon that he is in as good shape as his wife Hilaria.

The actor, comedian and presenter of the next. Alec Baldwin Show on ABC he interrupted some movements after disagreeing with Fallon's assessment that he "looked good" and, therefore, his "wife must be rubbing" with him.

Alec responded that everyone is always telling him how "beautiful", "fit" and "wonderful" is Hilaria. "I know that my wife is all these things, but I can work, I can take care of myself," she said. "You can see this glimpse of them looking at me, thinking:" What is he doing with you? ", Alec said. He then challenged his wife, who was waiting on the wings of the 30 Rock stage, for a push-up contest.

Alec won when Hilaria gave up and began to pose on the ground instead of doing push-ups, but his victory did not last long. "I want to know if you can do this," Hilaria said before performing a handstand on her head with a dress and high heels. Baldwin, trying to do the same, ended up falling backward on Fallon's couch.

Also during the appearance, Alec explained the format of his next show, which will consist of one-hour interviews edited to reveal the most interesting information. The first episode will feature Robert de Niro and Taraji P. Henson; the second will be dedicated to an interview with Kim Kardashian.

When Fallon learned that De Niro, who was Fallon's first guest on his nightly program, would be Alec's first guest, Fallon said, "I'll say, I love him: he does not like to talk."

"It was an interesting way to do a talk show," Baldwin added. The two proceeded to make impressions of De Niro.

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