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adminNovember 29, 2018

How do you make AC / DC's "Hells Bells", without doubt one of the biggest album openers all the time, sounds even more dramatic? Play the song on the actual bells.

A video appeared online yesterday by musician David Drambyan performs the classic rock music on Europe's biggest boyfriend, or a set of bells, usually set in a church tower played with pedals and a keyboard-like set of levers. This special instrument is located in Halle, Germany, within Rotter Turm, or the Red Tower, a church built in 1506. Karsten was installed in the building in 1999 and has 76 bells. And while it is the largest in Europe, it is the third largest girlfriend in the world, knocked out of the instrument at Hyechon College in South Korea and one in the tower of the Apostle Kirk in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Drama hail from Armenia, but lived in Halle, Germany, since 1998, studied sacred music and musicology. While his first instrument was the classic guitar, he has practiced as a carilloneur on Rotter Turm since last year. From the sound of this funny little clip, he is about to master this instrument. Can we ask for "Holy Diver" next?

As for AC / DC, while things have been relatively quiet in their camp since the end of their "Rock or Bust" tour, there have been many rumors that the band's future to keep the fans salivating. Back in August, pictures appeared online that seemed to say that singer Brian Johnson and drummer Phil Rudd were back in the board.

The image taken by a fan outside a recording studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, looks like the two men have a laugh together. Another picture taken by the same fan, became the founder of the guitarist Angus Young and his nephew Stevie who had a smoke break outside the studio. The latter has been the band's rhythm giant, who takes place for his uncle, the last Malcolm Young, in 2014.

Johnson was forced to leave the band in 2016 as he could potentially face "total hearing loss" from the customs trip. His replacement was none other than Guns N 'Roses frontman Axl Rose. Rudd, however, was unable to be part of the Rock or Bust tour due to ongoing legal issues in New Zealand. He has since spent eight months at home and in an interview in 2016, he has said that he has seen a therapist and is "as positive as I can be now when I have given up the crazy shit."

There is no word from AC / DC's camp about whether a new album is on its way or what Johnson and Rudd's roles may be in the future of the band.

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