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adminNovember 21, 2018

After being attacked onstage in Toronto, Pusha T returned to the stage to apparently hint that his enemy, Drake, paid people to chase him. Watch and watch the reaction of the fans of both rappers here!

Pusha T he was acting in the hometown of his number one enemy, Duck, on November 20, when suddenly, they sprayed him with huge amounts of beer and water on stage, according to the videos of the event. This led to a great fight, as people started running around the stage and security had to intervene to prevent Pusha T from getting hurt. Eventually, he returned to the stage and had a message to share: "This is not a n *** payment to throw beer," he shouted. "What the hell is that ?!"

While he did not mention Drake by name, all signs point to him insinuating that Drizzy was the one who ordered the coup, and that is the general consensus of the fans on the show and on Twitter. Also, when Pusha returned to the stage, he supposedly sang his Drake diss song, "The Story Of Adidon," as one of his final songs, according to Complex. This track is what really put the dispute between Pusha and Drake in full force during the summer, since that's where Pusha brought out Drake for being the secret father of a child in 2017.

After Drake opened up to talk about his son, Adonis, himself in his record, ScorpionA few weeks later, it seemed that this meat had calmed down. However, the can of worms has definitely opened up again, and the fans are going crazy about it on Twitter.

A Pusha T fan tweeted: "You are an adult fan of Drake who felt so involved in his personal affairs that you went onstage to attack Pusha T on his behalf.You are now being trampled by security and you may need a lawyer However, Drake fans also defended him, and many laughed at Pusha's apparent claims that Drizzy instigated this attack.

"Lol and everyone really thinks that Drake thought that his best chance for Pusha is sending as five bullies to throw him beer and try to jump on stage," wrote one person. Another added: "All this seemed to me prepared, I do not see the reason why Drake wants to come and go with this guy for." Drake's camp is not commenting on Pusha's claims at this time.

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