Was DC's new Batman actor confirmed in debutante titans?

adminOctober 28, 2018

Warning: this article contains possible SPOILERS for titans

There may be a new actor playing Batman to get excited, but we will not see him in any movie yet. Instead, it will appear in the Titans TV series exclusively for DC Universe, and by its appearance, the actor is the same that many theorized fans had achieved. months make.

In the first episodes of Titans It seemed possible that DC prevented a real actor from playing Batman or Bruce Wayne on the screen. With Robin passing from Batman, remembering that only the flashes of his memories were adopted by Bruce Wayne, an alternate seen only out of focus or trimmed seemed an easy solution. But now that a much better view of Bruce Wayne has been offered in Episode 3, our suspicions may have proven true.

We believe that we know who has been chosen as Bruce Wayne for the world of DC Universe shows; Now the fanatics must decide if our theory is correct.

This photo of Batman can confirm the actor

Previous episodes of Titans They have shown small moments, memories of Bruce more prominent in the mind of Dick Grayson. First, he only placed his hand on Dick's shoulder shortly after they killed his parents, and told the orphan that he wanted to "help" him. Then they came to glimpse Bruce and Alfred discussing Dick's future in a distant room, and Bruce's gloomy outline in one of Wayne Manor's windows: watching Dick hurry up in a stolen Porsche. But finally in Episode 3, the camera puts Bruce in sharp focus … but not in his face. Still.

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The vaccine we refer to occurs after Dick has met with his social worker, who informs him that his parents may have been killed. Dick returns to his office several times during the episode, and the last visit allowed Dick to begin accepting a new life offered by Bruce Wayne. And on that turn, the camera turns to show Bruce himself, watching the scene through a bidirectional mirror in the room.

At first glance, the idea of ​​identifying the actor who already plays Bruce Wayne based only on the back of his head may seem like a remote possibility. But then, we are not basing our educated assumption on silly luck. We relied on the previous mockery of an actor who was destined for DC Universe on a Bat-tastic role.

That seems like Lewis Tan as Bruce Wayne / Batman

For anyone who misses Lewis Tan (Iron fist, In the badlands) and his online provocation of a DC role, his appearance as Bruce Wayne may now seem like something … well, obvious. Posting on Twitter a post that confirmed that Tan met with DC on a Batman-related role, along with an image of him at the DC offices, it was impossible to misread the pile of paperbacks under his arm. Even when Tan noticed that it was Tim Burton Ordinance movie that took his father to Hollywood, and that he would come "full circle," The paper in question was not clear.

Fans soon noticed his martial arts skills, which made waves when he appeared in a small role in Iron fist (surpassing the star for some viewers), and assumed that a role as Nightwing in the DCEU was the most likely candidate. But now looking at the labeling of Tan Universe of DC specifically, and the fact that it really looks like Tan playing Bruce Wayne (we've done a previous comparison based on his appearance in Hawaii Five-O), the simplest answer may have always been the correct one. Bring the full circle to Batman for the Universe of DC shows? He's only done that, probably since the first episode.

Now, what does this mean for the size of Batman's paper in Titans for the future? Well, it's time for us to take a closer look at the comics that Tan received in preparation for his part, and what they imply about the Batman fans version.

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