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The picture is black, green and clear on the wall at the entrance to Photobastei at Sihlquai in Zurich. It is carefully protected from snow and moisture with plexiglass and looks just like … a Banksy graffiti. The mural painting unmistakably reminds one of the stone walls of the anonymous British street artist who has tricked the art world for many years – and she likes to make fun of it. Hooded figures and dollar bills are actually too Banksy Favorite motifs, technology is right, the topic is right.

"We were surprised by the figure that was sprayed on the wall on Thursday morning," said Photobastei director Romano Zerbini. The international Banksy experts asked by him do not rule out the authenticity of the drawing. "From our side, it's definitely not a PR gag," Zerbini assures. If it was a real Banksy, the figure will appear on the artist's Instagram account over the next few days, but the artist will send all his originals, but sometimes with a delay. In the case of its authenticity, a precaution has been taken to protect the plexiglass.

The rumor mill was in the run-up to the photo exhibition "Raw Power" hot, where a collection of artwork, photographs and objects related to the punk movement is shown. Since the organizers published a wording communication on the Facebook page, many wondered about and above all how the Bristol-based art activist would reveal himself in Zurich. Photobastei social media entry was formulated: "Banksy apparently tonight get rid of, we were informed informally. We don't know if Banksy or messenger is a joker. Anyway, there will be thorough entry controls: The remote controls are seized! After all, we are not Sotheby! "Zerbini says on request that the advertiser mentioned in the listing was a credible source for him.

The Facebook text speaks ghostly to the recent, joyously spread story in the media, when Banksy's "Girl with a Balloon" article was cut in stripes by an in-frame shredder during an auction at Sotheby's London – apparently with an external trigger by Banksy himself staged. Who's behind Banksy, it was always rumored. It was recently said that massive attack musician Robert Del Naja, who comes from Bristol as the English street artist, is Banksy.

Photobastei shows selected punches

Photobastei is currently (10.1.-3.3.) Dedicated to the theme of punk culture with a whole exhibition cascade. A total of 14 exhibitions take place on several floors. The highlights are the owners of the Neumann-Hug-Collection, located in the St. Urban Monastery in Switzerland, behind which the slightly enigmatic art collector P.C. Neumann stands. There are many treasures in Neumann's collection – Photobastei has already delivered the exhibition "Meister des 20. Jahrhunderts" in the beginning of 2018 out of the collections. A few months ago, P.C. Neumann's early work and rare album covers Banksys from own shares in a small restaurant in Berlin.

Currently in Zurich, Photobastei has several older works by Banksy, including the girl with the red balloon. Also on the screen are photographs by Sven Marquardt, they tell about the story of punk in the GDR and also of the famous techno club Berghain, whose jumps Marquardt became known. Other artists include Iggy Pop, Jean-Michel Basquiat and fashion designers Vivienne Westwood and Rick Owens. The opening on Thursday night was a great success. (Editors Tamedia)

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