Warrior 60. Why is the new chapter not published? Broadcast Stream

adminDecember 31, 2018

Fox TV screens, the most realistic way to convey all the scenes to the audience and experienced events, feelings and thoughts to the other side of the effective way of passing Warrior Part 60 of the publication date, are being investigated heavily. During the past week, one of the soldiers in the Turkish world, the martyr falls during the clashes of the great sword of the sword, but never gives up without giving up all the powers to defeat the terrorists in the new episode of Warrior Fox. Television broadcasting is not seen. So why does the Sword team not have the 60th episode of the quality productions where the sword team showed all their struggle and heroism, sacrificing their own life for the sake of the nation and nation? When will the new section of the warrior, where the level of excitement and excitement reach the utmost, and the blood pressure level gradually increase, will be published? Here are the latest developments in the subject of intense interest …

Warrior 60. Tim, he doesn't know what to give …


The date when warrior 60 will not appear in the Fox TV broadcast of the date after the series of people watching countless countless projects waiting impatiently by the public will be published when the new part of the Warrior? began to emphasize research. Why doesn't the warrior go 60? For the audience who performs the request, both the Christmas holiday and all the series will not be sent on the screen for 3 weeks. At the same time, the new chapter of Warrior is expected to be published on January 20, 2019, although there is no clear statement yet.


Fox TV screens Friday 23rd. December, the audience of the Warrior 59.son section; Both the sword team and the Turkish world troops fought with unity and solidarity to eliminate terrorists. War in the last part; During the conflict, where the danger and risk were observed at the highest level, Captain Kaan Bozok was shot dead when he was about to lose his life by falling from a rock and Ilyas rescued him. On the other hand, in a very critical conflict without the martyrs entering the source of fire coming from the terrorists Sword Timi and the Turkish world headquarters, while all communication is cut off, the military could not get news from the kind of Colonel Halil Ibrahim Kopuz asked about the account was responsible for their accident. On the other hand, the Turkish world soldiers during the conflict, the terrorists by taking the opportunity to escape by being caught by the breach, and one of these soldiers died in the sword's shoot into the sword. All the terrorists, including the victorious galaxy, were killed by the revenge of their fallen soldiers.

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