Want the idea for those who are the opposite

adminJanuary 11, 2019

The famous singer Yildiz Tilbe participated on the other side of the program, dieter Canan Karatay made sincere statements. Adore, Karatay for "Good Canan Karatay & # 39; helps. Those who meet the idea of ​​wisdom." Always say natural things to me. Don't eat bread says true, he says. he said.


Yıldız Tilbe, Channel D & # 39; they published with Müge and Gülşen & # 39; s 2-page program, and made special statements, "Allah Canan Karatay & # 39; help. They throw away the nine villages." Used phrases.

Do real scriptures

Star Tilbe continued, "Bread is like a cardboard. It used to be a week, something won't be fried. Now vegetables and everything is very bad. I want to be very shame, I don't want to say anything else. He said.

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