Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 3: Review of the warning signs: Desolador but genial

adminOctober 22, 2018

Season 9, Episode 3 see Maggie go to the dark side.

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Man is the real monster

Last week, we saw that Maggie was able to handle the burdens of leadership; While he may have had an instinctive reaction to jailing Earl and denying Sanctuary food, he finally did the right thing by freeing Earl and sharing the Hilltop stores. But his deep-seated anger for the Saviors in general and Negan in particular has not gone away, as the chilling climax of "Warning Signs" makes clear.

The mystery of the missing Saviors is definitely answered to this episode, since it is revealed that Cyndie and the other Oceansiders are the culprits. Their targets have not been random, the survivors of Simon's crew have been disappearing, the ones who executed the Oceanside men. It's good that the revelation does not spread (most television programs these days could use more briefness in their narrative), but it requires the Oceansider to make foolish mistakes like killing Justin with a distinctive weapon (a fishing gun) and then Letting it turn so that everyone realizes that the disappearances are murders, not desertions.

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When Arat, another Savior, disappears, Daryl and Maggie can use their combined knowledge of the Oceansider to find them before they have committed the murder. Cyndie explains with tears in her eyes that Arat is the one who killed her 11-year-old brother and that she is the last of Simon's crew, so this will be the end of the disappearances. Maggie is skeptical, but Cyndie reveals that Gregory's execution of Maggie is what inspired the Oceansider to seek their own justice. Maggie and Daryl turn around to let the Oceansider finish what they started, and when the sun rises, Maggie tells Daryl that she is also inspired now. It's time to see Negan.

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All this is exceptionally dreary, especially when it comes to two beloved clients, but everything is based on a solid character formation. Negan was exhausting because his sadism was so memorable. The decision of Maggie and Daryl here is understandable, and more devastating for her. As Maggie points out to Daryl, she really wants to believe in Rick's vision, because that is a world in which she wants to raise her child, but in the end she can not let go of the pain and rage caused by the Glenn murder. The gloomy material is much easier to take when handled by credible characters.

Community stress assessment

Threat level at midnight. The Saviors were already on the edge, but the discovery of Justin's body almost causes a full-fledged riot. The only thing that prevents it is that Rick is loaded on a horse (unfortunately not a white horse), so we are once again reminded how the fragile peace between the communities depends on the imminent Rick Grimes.

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It's a bit strange that the Saviors seem less interested in discovering who is committing the murders than in arming themselves, but once you've been in a fascist personality cult for several years, you tend to lose perspective. Still, their complaints are valid (someone is really trying to get them!) Like Rick's reasoning to keep them unarmed. There are some idiots among the Saviors, but there are no direct psychopaths like the one who used to torment the Kingdom delivery team, so while our allegiances are with Rick, the other side has a point.

A fragment of humanity

Throughout this darkness, we also get a very passionate argument from Rick about why his path is the best way to go. In conversations with Daryl and Carol, he explains how he sees the world now. He and the others have lost so much over the years that he has decided to dedicate himself to building life instead of taking it. As he says succinctly, "we are ourselves or the dead, and every life counts now." What is interesting is how Daryl and Carol take their speech. Daryl goes with Maggie because he still can not forgive the Saviors for his capture and torture. Carol, meanwhile, is more susceptible to Rick's words. When some Saviors who desert are left with Rick and Carol, she manages to dominate her attacker without killing him. When he asks why he did not do it, it's Rick's words that say, "Because every life counts now." She has her own conflicting feelings about it, but she's on Team Rick.

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Anne is the real monster

Gabriel follows Anne, thinking that he is hiding something about the missing Saviors, but accidentally stumbles on his communication with the mysterious people of the helicopter. She tells Gabriel that she used to exchange people for supplies, which explains why all the bugs in the art school could survive in that dumpster for so long. Anne asks Gabriel to come with her, since he was the only one who defended her when the accusations about the Saviors began to fly. Gabriel refuses and finally shows some support, but Anne knocks him out and says: "All this time, I thought you were a B". A lot for Anne to integrate into Rick's new society. It seems that there is a new Big Bad on the horizon, which does not generate confidence in the future. It is too early to go back to "Here is another group of humans, but they are pure evil", but we will try to reserve judgment for now.

The remains

Grade A-

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