Vyhadzov from the farm, canceled engagement and now … Radical change in Tania's life!

adminNovember 28, 2018

From Friday's duel, Táňa left with a long nose. Although she could choose the discipline, her happiness was simply unsuccessful, and Martin Šmahel struck her. In her letter of welcome, she wrote to Peter that she would wait for him. As an ex-marrior waiting for her, she met them.

In the duel she beat Martin Šmahel.

Vyhadzov from the farm, canceled


She was also shocked by her statement about her relationship. While she was at Farme, her Facebook partner announced that they were engaged. It also did not prevent him from laughing with the current farmer of the week. Now she said she was free and no wedding would take place.

In addition to these changes, Xena, as she called her on Farme, went to another in the real world. At first she was surprised by the fine show and her hair pressured to meet the former rivals, she was pristrudila and she literally "smiled". As she left the farm, she drove to her distinctive red-pink color, and in her step she was also Táňa. Is she still her – a farmer?

The delicate crew and Tane hair made a gentle woman.

Vyhadzov from the farm, canceled

Source: Instagram T.B.

It tends to change

Vyhadzov from the farm, canceled

Source: Instagram T.B.

Do you like Tania's new haircut?

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