Vusamt marked the first episode of social media! Look at the Vuslat 2 episode trailer!

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The famous actress Kadir Dogulu returned to the screens with TRT's new series Vuslat. The Vuslat series, based on the adventure of love's journey to become a "good person," became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter.

Kadir Dogulu is & # 39; Aziz & # 39; Devrim Ozkan & # 39; Vacation & Mehmet Ozgur & Salih Baba & # 39; and Ümir Kantarcılar & # 39; ın & # 39; Kerem & # 39; character to play & # 39; Spank, & # 39; Good Man & # 39; being the adventure of love traveling on fictional tells the story of you all your characters in Satranc in the Urefa game by Ibn Arabi.

The production of A23 Media is produced by Uğur Veli and Raif İnan; It's about a deep structure, built on the adventures of the "love journey" that has come to be "good people" and from human concepts.

Inspired by the stories of impossible love like Leyla and Mecnun, Kerem and Aslı, the series and script belong to the series Betül Yağsağan.

In the director's board, Murat Onbul, who has been involved in key projects over the past few years, and searched the sector in a short time with his successes, is taking place.


In the first part of Vuslat connects a mysterious dream, a bell from the past and a dark event Aziz and Feride. A mysterious dream, a bell from the past and a dark event connects Aziz and Feride. Aziz is experiencing excitement with his half-brother, Kerem, while running an important business deal. Feride is concerned about his father and learns the truth about his brother Fırat. Salih introduces an ancient wisdom to the neighborhood. Feride's father, Faik, faces an event.

Aziz is the only ruler on the head of his head that his father and mother finish and play God's game in their own world. From the moment she fell in love with Feride, she began to question herself and her life. But there is so much to give for someone in the Aziz position.

Feride; She lives a quiet life with her father, grandmother and siblings. He runs the tailor-made store he opened with Faik Süheyla, but cannot keep up with Hasibe's inexhaustible demands and the cost of the kids. Feride starts working in a boutique for money to help her father. Then the father's daughter tries to support the house.

Feride testifies to a murder of the night of the saints, which he explicitly concealed. He is determined to complain to the police. But when Feride goes to the police, she learns that her brother Fırat is involved. The Saint is strong enough to crush this girl like a beetle. Feride doesn't know what to do.

In this mixed process, Aziz falls in love with Feride; Although Feride is attracted to Aziz, his pride will prevent him from approaching Aziz. Two lovers have an obstacle that they overcome first. After accepting their love, they will face this impossibility.



Vuslat, starring Kadir Dogulu, Devrim Ozkan and Mehmet Ozgur, is featured by Umit Kantarcılar, Pelin Uluksar, Baran Bolukbasi, Serra Pirinc, Gamze Süner Atay, Erdem Akakçe, Özcan Varaylı, laey Halis, Gözde Kaya.

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