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adminJanuary 10, 2019

It was an exciting edition yesterday at Chefi on knives, where the three chefs Cătălin Scărlătescu, Florin Dumitrescu and Sorin Bontea and the 13 participants from their team felt the pressure on the workbenches. "Festive cakes" were the theme of the first, tender and heavy test, as most competitors never had cake.

Special preparations made by the red, yellow and blue teams, led by Florin Dumitrescu, chef Cătălin Scărlătescu and chef Sorin Bontea, have been convicted this time by beautiful and skilled ladies in the sewing profession.

Two hours had competitors demonstrating that they can do festive torture. Because last year's award, Florin Dumitrescu won the team confrontation, he took advantage of this test: 15 minutes in addition to the bench for his competitors. And if Chef Dumitresc's red team chose to make a croquembouche (a cake with crunchy donuts filled with vanilla cream, trapped in caramel), Bontea's blue chef's layer staked on a black chocolate gnocchi cake and white chocolate wrapped in marzipan while the yellow layer by Chef Scarlatecs chose a cake with chocolate mousse, lining, macaroni and chocolate ganache.

The debut of the test was made to the left of Chef Dumitrescu's team, because Marius Greab, one of his competitors, was ill and needed medical help. Fortunately, he returned to the bench after a few minutes, and the red apron of the competitor's chef was able to continue this complicated test with the entire team.

Chef Scarlatecs, in this test, spoke Maria Burlacu, "his golden knife", which he called "the queen mother" to the yellow layer, while Bontea relished Silviu Nedelea, "golden knife" countertop, cream and decoration articles for the blue cake.

As the effort in this test was a big one, the chefs put their amulets into play in culinary battle on the bench. Chef Bontea blocked one of them, Andrei Balasz, who prepared the decoration of the cake for the yellow layer, and Chef Dumitrescu also blocked his friend Silviu Nedelea, his "golden knife", now part of the blue made by Sorin Bontea. Chef Bontea responds and uses his latest amulet, Dumitrescu cancels, and then Silviu Nedelea stays on the bench. Chef Dumitrescu did not stop here, but he also used an amulet that he blocks Scarlatecs for 20 minutes, while not being allowed to give directions to his competitors. "WhatTDo you have colleagues today? Vcomplicated It's scaredcomplicated of me? Oneaand Vcomplicated must, scomplicated vcomplicated either fearcomplicated of me!"Scarlatecs says as he follows the test on the sidelines.

"For a handful of people who have not done in lifeTtheir aaSomething, thoughcomplicatedToday all three teams aThey gave her a doctorate tin the desert"Says Florin Dumitrescu, cook before the special guests, the talented ladies, sit down at the tasting table. After their vote, the best cakes are declared by the yellow team, led by Scarlatecs. Thus, the yellow team managed to win their first stroke this season, despite his stumbling block, which blocked Scarlatecs and Andrei Balasz.

"Not even aI knowcomplicated mcomplicated happy. Five samples of yellow have worked. byâwe didn't have tocomplicated câatigcomplicatedm aWe have a problemcomplicated."Scărlătescu says, his team wins a difference in just a blue dish of Bontea's chef.

The next trial brought him back to the bench for the eight competitors who formed the blue and red teams, this time for an individual confrontation, after which one of them will go home. Each cook had to make a decoration based on a surprising ingredient chosen by colleagues.

"It was the best duel so far. On this attempt, they did itTvery good. ANDthey showed intelligenceTcomplicated"The chefs thought, after judging all the dishes.

And this time Silviu Nedelea has demonstrated that he deserves the "golden knife", his preparation, the red pepper in the smoked cheese oven in the house, and achieves the most points. "Silviu had a sensuous plateTlevelcomplicated like taste"Bontea says, proud of his competitor.

The lowest score was Marius Greab, from the red team, which led to his elimination from the culinary competition. "I got itait from the themecomplicated, I blew aI left. I'm a supcomplicatedrat aI despisecomplicatedgit, no mcomplicated ofawe are waitingcomplicated I am going homecomplicated, but scomplicated few tin the final"Marius says that in this test had got to make socks. His elimination will challenge Chef Dumitrescu, who will continue the competition in just three people, all amateurs in the kitchen."Marius came to an area where he lost contact with the kitchen, aaas we ask her. There was no time to put the living room on the table. This is the hardest hit because, right nowTcomplicated, rcomplicatedmân just tThree people, nonecomplicatedprofessional tar. the tmi tngreuneazcomplicated a little situationalTTake it for next timecomplicatedthose twocomplicated battle sitesSays Florin Dumitrescu.

The culinary tournament continues on Monday, January 14 and Tuesday January 15 at 20:00, at Antena 1, with the last two games ahead of the season's "Chefi at Knives" semifinals.

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