Vogue apologizes after the photo shoot of Kendall Jenner is criticized for "cultural appropriation"

adminOctober 24, 2018


American fashion He apologized after a photo shoot starring Kendall Jenner that was described as "cultural appropriation" by critics.

The magazine published the images of the model on Instagram, where they provoked a wave of negative comments from people who considered Jenner's afro hairstyle "offensive".

In a sentence, The publication Condé Nast. explained how the photos, which had been taken to promote the fashion/ CFDA Fashion Fund, intended to evoke a nostalgic aesthetic reminiscent of the early twentieth century.

"The image is meant to be an update of Edwardian / Gibson Girl's romantic hair that fits the Brock Collection's vintage feel, and also the great hair of the '60s and early' 70s, which swelled, Mocked Look of those times, "said the magazine. MY! News on Tuesday.

"We apologize if it was different from what was intended, and of course we do not intend to offend anyone."

Jenner is seen wearing the controversial hairstyle in two photos, one of which also features the model Imaan Hammam, whose hair was straight.

Taken by the fashion photographer Mikael Jansson, both images were intended to celebrate the 15 years of the fashion/ CFDA Fashion Fund, an annual award that awards emerging designers.

Jenner's snapshots had people asking why the magazine had chosen her instead of a model whose hair had a natural style.

"For years, we have been penalized by our appearance and especially by our hair, it is a slap when non-blacks try to imitate our appearance," commented one person.

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"We used to burn our hair because society taught us that we were not beautiful with our Afros, now they copy our Afros, but they can not use real BLACK models with Afros". He added another.

Others came in defense of the magazine, arguing that the hairstyle was not Afro at all, with only one person writing: "All the anger over this is silly, even if the intention was to be Afro, it is not! Look at our kings and black queens and Google, what an Afro looks like! Angry for nothing."

Another person said that Jenner's hair had been "curly and mocked," but insisted that he did not look like an afro.

Jenner herself has yet to respond to criticism, but the star of reality is no stranger to controversy.

In 2017 she starred in an advertisement for Pepsi, which showed the model joining an ambiguous protest and offering a policeman a can of soft drink, which she received with rapturous applause.

The clip generated a great reaction, with people who described him as "deaf" and "insensitive"; He was soon eliminated by the brand, which apologized for "missing the mark".


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