Viva is beaten by New Year's Eve 2018 with too much for this world of Fanta Four: that's what Vivas previous stars are doing today

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Cologne –

Viva is history. The music station was put on today's New Year's Eve. The last song that Viva played was quite symbolic: it was "For Cool For This World" by Fantastic Four.

In 1993, this song was shown as the first video clip on the then new channel. Viva ended up as it once began.

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We remember back to the colorful Viva era, zap in the first show and look at what today's Viva presenter is doing today.

"From today we will be together forever"


Heike Makatsch was in front of the camera for the first time in 1993 at Viva.


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It is December 1, 1993. In a sporadically furnished studio stands a very young Heike Makatsch. Next to her are some old Euro pallets, behind which there is also a very young Mola Adebisi lying on a lounger, on the other hand Nilz Bokelberg lounges in a hanging chair in an oversized pullover and a colorful bobble hat.

See the first show in 1993 here:

After introducing himself, Heike explains: "We are your mouthpiece and your friend and from today we will be together forever. Okay?"

Then he begins, the first day of the transfer of Viva, the German counter-concept of the American music giant MTV. Then Fanta plays the 4 song "For the cult of this world".

What started in a regular studio with three presenters became an era in the nineties and music television. For 25 years.

Sad: The promise that Heike Makatsch gave us at that time could not be held at the end.

Unfortunately. Now it is the end, at the end of 2018 the lights will finally go out on Viva.

Finally, Viva was just a shadow of herself and sent only 12 hours a day (from 2 am to 2 pm). The rest of the time you saw Comedy Central.

Viva was our Spotify


Viva moderators (from the right) Jessica Schwarz, Milka and Charlotte Roche with Martina Bruder (above) from Viva management and Stefan Kauertz


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What remains is the memories of a whole nation, Generation Viva. A generation that didn't have Youtube, Spotify, and paid a fortune for a moment the Internet.

For a quarter of a century, Viva followed us, gave us the soundtrack for the bottle spin and the first kiss, missed us earwigs ("Boom Boom Boom Boom, I got you in my room"), got us with Jamba advertising and Schnappi, the crocodile annoyed, and we regularly bought Discman batteries, so we could hear the Viva songs on the go. Thanks, Viva.

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Career spring board Viva

They also followed us: Moderators and presenters who made their first attempt at Viva: In addition to Mola, Nils and Heike, it was Aleksandra Bechtel, Johana Klum, Enie van Meiklokjes, Klaas Heufer circulation, Sarah Kuttner, Heike Makatsch, Minh Khai Phan -Thi, Oliver Pocher, Palina Rojinksi, Tobias Schlegl, Charlotte Roche and Jessica Schwarz. Names firmly attached to German television until today. Many of them started a good career with Viva:

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Mola Adebisi



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Mola Adebisi was one of the first presenters of Viva. He moderated from 1993 to 2004 at the music station i.a. "Interactive", "Top 100" and "Albumcharts". After his time with Viva, he presented several formats for RTL 2. In addition, he has been running the television production company Molali since 2005. In 2014 he participated in the eighth season of "I am a star – get me out of here!" And finished eighth.

Heike Makatsch


Heike Makatsch was also one of the first faces of the music channel Viva. From 1993 to 1997, she moderated "Interactive" and "Heike's home visits". At the same time, she moderated "Bravo TV" on RTL 2 from August 1995 to summer 1996. For the Dusseldorf native, Viva was the language of an international career. After Viva she devoted herself to acting. In 1996, she played a role in the film "Men's Pension", which she received the Bavarian Film Award. In 2009 she played in the film adaptation of Hildegard Knef's autobiography "Hilde", last last in 2017 on "The Puberty".

Matthias Opdenhövel


From 1993 to 1997, Matthias Opdenhövel was seen by Viva, where he presented the programs "Interactive" and "News". During his time at the music station, he also moderated with his colleague Aleksandra Bechtel "Please smile" at RTL 2. After Viva, it came with a great career from Detmold. He moderated among other things. "Weck Up", "Do You Sounds?", "The Quiz Show" or "Beat the Raab". Since 2011, he has focused exclusively on sports events, currently moderating the World Championships on ARD.

Stefan Raab


Stefan Raab also gathered his first TV experience with Viva. There he presented "Ma & # 39; Kuck & # 39; n" and "Vivasion". From March 1999 to December 2015 he was the moderator of "TV Total" at ProSieben. He also had performances such as "Beat the Star" or "Bundesvision Song Contest". With the end of "TV Total" raab also announced their pension on television and live since retired, far away from the cameras with the family in Cologne.

Since February 2018, the show "Das Ding des Jahres" has run on ProSieben, produced according to an idea from Raab.




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Milka Loff Fernandes moderated between 1999 and 2004, i.a. "Interactive", "What happens?" And "Movie!" Due to a diagnosed epilepsy, she moderated on February 13, 2004, her last release at Viva. One year after leaving Viva, Milka came regularly to the show "Studioeins". In December 2012, she gave birth to her daughter Olivia Maria. In 2013, she married her daughter's father and now lives in Nuremberg.

Tobi Schlegl


Tobi Schlegl came to Viva from 1995 to 2004, where he moderated "Interactive", "What & # 39; s up?" And "The Last Judgment". Until 2011, Schlegl hosted the weekly satirical magazine "Extra 3". Between July 2011 and April 2013 he also joined Simon Beeck at 1Live. Since May 2016, he has a radio program at N-Joy. Since February 2014, Cologne-born main presenter of the ZDF program "Aspects". In July 2016, he announced that he wanted to work as an emergency assistant.

Enie van de Meiklokjes


Enie van de Meiklokjes on the celebrity sofa with Thomas Gottschalk (r.), Along with Oli P.

Enie van de Meiklokjes – who is actually Doreen Grochowski – was seen by Viva from 1996 to 2000, where she presented "New at Viva", "What happens?" And "Chartsurfer". Already while working for Viva, Enie moderated "Bravo TV". Then she moderated i.a. on "Weck Up" or in the children's magazine "PuR" from 2004 to 2006 design tips. From October 2012 she performed at the station six times with her broadcast "Sweet & Easy – Enie baker" set in 2013 in the jury of the Vox format "Grill the Henssler". Recently it has become quiet around Enie, in 2014 she married the music Tobias Stærbo, with him she got twins.

Nova Meierhenrich


Nova Meierhenrich modded "Inside" on the music channel Viva from 2000-2001. Next to Viva, Nova Meierhenrich, who lives in Hamburg, was too many projects in front of the camera. Among other things, she presented "Bravo TV", reported on the Oscar or moderated RTL 2 "Fame Academy". Since 2017 she is on the magazine "Prominent!" At Vox with Nina Bott.

Oli Pocher



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Through the speech show of Hans Meiser, Oliver Pocher in 1999 got the opportunity for a week's guest presentation at Viva, which he then was hired and including "Interactive", "What happens?" And "Top 100" moderated. Later he even got his own show "Alles Pocher". In 2005 he left the Cologne music station. The end of Viva was the start of a great television career for Oliver Pocher.

First, he played in the ARD series "Sternenfänger". From 2003 to 2006 he had his own show "Rent a Pocher" at ProSieben. In addition to a number of presentations for larger events, the native Hannover from 2007 onwards can be seen in a year next to Harald Schmidt in "Schmidt & Pocher". Most recently, he moderated the football program "Fantalk" on Sport1, which was stopped by the station after a problem and can be seen on the "Dinner Company" in Sat.1.




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Gülcan Kamps started as Gülcan Karahanci 2003 at Viva. There she moderated until 2010 u.a. "Interactive", "Viva Top 100", "Viva Live" or "Shibuya". During her time with Viva she hosted Bravo TV. She also made her debut as an actress on the RTL series "All Jimmy Love" in 2005.

In 2007, Gülcan married his friend Sebastian Kamps in the documentary file "Gülcans Traumhochzeit". In 2008 she moved along with Collien Ulmen-Fernandes in documentary soap "Gülcan and Collien move to the countryside" on a farm. In the sixth season of "Let's Dance", Gülcan Kamps retired in the first broadcast.

Sarah Kuttner



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Sarah Kuttner was at Viva between 2001 and 2005. She moderated "Interactive", "Viva News" and also got her own show "Sarah Kuttner – The Show". After leaving Viva, she arranged the talk show "Kuttner & Kuttner" with her father on Radio Eins.

In addition, she worked mainly as an author and published a total of five novels.

Charlotte Roche



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Charlotte Roche's career began in 1998 as a presenter at Viva 2 in the music program "Fast Forward", later she got a second show with "Trendspotting". Gradually she became an actor for the station, even nominated in 2001 with the Grimme Prize. She was even called "Queen of German Pop Television" by Harald Schmidt.

From 2003, Roche arranged an interview program on ProSieben titled "Charlotte Roche meets …" In 2006, she arranged ARTE's four episodes of the music magazine "Tracks" produced by ZDF. In 2008 she received a broadcast of 3sat titled "Charlotte Roche unter …". In 2012, Roche co-hosted the speech show "Roche & Böhmermann" with ZDF culture together with Jan Böhmermann. It ended one year later. In February 2008 her novel "wetlands" appeared, which caused due to its provocative spelling for a small scandal.


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