Virgo – Monday, December 31, 2018: A sentimental event for the end of the year

adminDecember 31, 2018

Astrological News: Today, there is a new year for the Moon in transit through the Scorpion sign. The only retrograde planet is Uranus in Aries. The ruler, the planet Mercury, continues in the Sagittarius, directly.

With the start of a new year starting at midnight today, you will restore something you thought was lost. Useful contacts and offers related to money and work are glimpses. A great start to the week and year!

Starting tomorrow, you start a rising stage in both your love life and social and economic. Address the dream or feeling that reaches your inner being this Monday, where your intuition is very active.

Rituals for New Year


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If you feel morally obliged to fulfill a promise, you must do so because your word will be more relevant and respect you. Don't forget that love is based on mutual trust and it is cultivated every day, incrementally.

Clean your house with substances that are not annoying because there is vibration of cosmic hypersensitivity in your environment that can make you very sensitive to strong smells like chlorine, and for example bronchial irritations.

I work
Impulses can hurt you if you leave a safe job and you go to a place where they offer you a lot, but without a guarantee. Exercise caution and don't let yourself be blinded by promises of completely irresponsible and crazy people.

Prepare to fulfill your New Year's resolutions according to your zodiac


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Money and fortune
Follow your logic and your intuitive motivation when buying or selling something, because if you just guide yourself with an impulse, you can give fictitious tone or transient circumstances.

Astral biorhythm today
Sexual energy level this Monday: strong, intense.
Cosmic dynamics that you should benefit from: Your will and enthusiasm that now surrounds you in starting the new year in the best possible way.
Monday's dangerous trend in the Virgo sign: Postpone an important decision that should not be postponed.
What should I avoid ?: The fear of making a mistake.

Prediction of couples for today Monday
The best relationship today: This Monday's thing will go very well for you if your partner is a water sign.
The most tense relationship: can occur with someone from Aries.
Your current compatibility: Generally, there is a good wave of compatibility with all the signs of your item.
If you are single or single: You will be flattered with the words you hear from who from this new year will be very close to you.


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