Video: Scared dancer Camilo Zamora lived during Salsodromo 2018

adminDecember 26, 2018

December 26, 2018 – 3:31 pm


Writing of El País

The dancer of Salsodromo, Camilo Zamora, came back to release the Cali people in the midst of this traditional parade opening to the Cali Fair.

With movements full of joy and his costume inspired by the Cali flag, Zamora led the scene where Caliber Orchestra played.

But the dancer took a bad step and fell off the structure, with so much luck that he didn't suffer any kind of injury.

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The video of the fall was shared by Camilo himself with this message:

"Good morning, people, this viral video of my fall yesterday shows that I gave everything, I did not do anything, and it makes me an incredibly happy person today, I want to thank all those who cared and wrote to me, I tried to answer all their messages of love, I'm just fine, nothing happened to me, I opened my arms and kept the sign, I immediately got on and continued to dance, I didn't beat, my feelings, the dress and the safety of the float did not leave. Of this righteous number 61, I felt the full and deep love of the Cali people that I, as I, vibrate with music, have taken photographs of people's faces and friends who vibrated in the same harmony, thanks Cali, this is yours fairness. "

This is the video of the fall:

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