[VIDEO] Pastor López and J Balvin, very close to creating "cumbiatone" & # 39;

adminDecember 29, 2018

Among the curious answers to the 74-year-old singer, he emphasizes in the new musical paths, the number of women he has been with and the personal characteristics that take him everywhere. In addition, the artist is He talked about his foray in December music and the number of children he has today.

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In accordance with what the interpreter of & # 39; Hit with Hit & # 39;A few days ago he received a call from the Paisa family J Balvin, with who could get to record a possible topic that sticks entirely to millions of followers of both.

"My name is J Balvin's father yesterday. The singer is an admirer of my music and I thank himSo Lopez.

"He called me because he wants me to record a song with J Balvin, Let's see if we do. What happens is that I have so much work and he, too, because I imagine he must be right now, "let the Venezuelan singer.

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