Video .. Mena Fadhli crying on the air: "Nefesh Atgoz but scared"

adminNovember 29, 2018

The singer Mona Fadali cried in the air when she remembered the tense relationship between her and her father since her youth and the influence of her personal life. She continued: "I do what he pleases God and what religion he said, because he is finally a father and our Lord is his accountant. Of marriage despite my 34th birthday. "

During the dialogue with the media Samar Yusri, the artist Mina Fadali confirmed the concert "Concert 11"on e"That her mother was the mother and father who was in charge of education alone, away from the father, and continued:" Tired me very tired and was a hero .. Although I have sisters, but all the time I was alone. "

She added: "I really want to admit and leave me but really afraid .. And because of the income in a relationship and vanished, and the shame and sense of the length of time I Htkhan or others. I recall any will to pass my children, something I deserve Bih, "emphasizes that the difficult situations experienced by her life were far more beautiful than time.

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