VIDEO – Laeticia Hallyday: "Many Expect Her To Rebuild Her Life" One Year After Johnny's Death

adminNovember 26, 2018

Almost a year ago, Johnny Hallyday died of lung cancer at the age of 74, leaving a wife, Laeticia, and four children ripping up today about his legacy. In turmoil, widow of Taulier, residing in the United States, trying to mourn and rebuild.

In March 1995, Laeticia Boudou met Johnny Hallyday in Miami. She is only twenty years old when he is over fifty. Regardless of age difference, the couple gets in love and is soon married on March 25, 1996 in Neuilly-sur-Seine town hall. By saying "yes" to rocker Laeticia becomes his fourth wife. There are few, according to Johnny Hallyday at this time, to believe in this association. Over the years, the young woman with blonde curls will be able to win and even surrender indispensable in the life of the famous rocker. Laikkas Hallyday is already the father of two children, Laura and David, and is going to build a family around the couple and adopt two little girls in Vietnam: Jade and Joy.

Over 23 years together, to overcome difficulties, infidelity, illness. Laeticia Hallyday, unconditional support from her " man Like she likes to call him. On December 5, it was all collapsed, after months of combating lung cancer, her husband, Johnny Hallyday, died at the age of 74 years. An insurmountable sentence for the mother of Jade and Joy who also faces the Armed Forces with the two eldest sons of Rocker David and Laura. A complicated sadness, and a life to rebuild. A year after Taulier's death, Laeticia Hallyday is ready to start a new life? " Many are waiting for her to start a new life. I think it's still a bit early. Now she is 43 years old Explains Laurence Pieau, author of the book Laeticia, the real story on the set of the show The sons of the earth on the C8." honest, she has no reason to remain a sorrowful widow all her life anyway, Commented on Raquel Garrido, column on the show, commented on a review that seems to be shared by Thierry Ardisson.

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