VIDEO: Juan Gabriel's last couple reveals the truth about the singer's death

adminDecember 29, 2018

Efraín Martínez, the sentient partner of Divo de Juárez, offered unpublished details of the death of the death and finally ruled out rumors that he was alive.

Efraín Martínez, considered by some media as the last couple by Mexican artist Juan Gabriel, provided information on the death of Divo de Juárez, who definitely discarded the task that he could be alive, according to his statements to the program & # 39; ¡¡Slipp soup! & # 39; of the television channel Telemundo, broadcast this Thursday on YouTube.

"It's a delicate topic I've never talked to anyone, it's something of me," said Martinez, who explained that when the Mexican artist collapsed in 2016 on a home in Santa Monica (California, USA) He asked for help from the workers who was in the house. He also added that he keeps very good memories of his moments shared with Gabriel, which he describes as a "friend" and who claims to have learned a lot.

In relation to the rumor that Gabriel is still alive, it refused to interview this opportunity. "I think people will believe it […] You have to accept things as they are, says Martinez, who concluded that everything that has been said about the singer's death is "lies."

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