[VIDEO] Golden Globes: Rami Malek responds to the unpleasant moment

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Rami Malek He referred to the unpleasant moment he lived in the last part of the Golden Globes when actress Nicole Kidman "he ignored it" on stage after presenting "Bohemian Rhapsody" as the winning movie for "best movie" during the ceremony.

Malek – who was also assigned as "best actor" for her role as Freddie Mercury – tried to share with Kidman, but she did not understand her intention or characters to squeeze her so that he in no time turns to congratulate him.

In an interview for the program "Jimmy Kimmel Live", the actor admitted that he had not seen the record and with humor expressed that "this will probably be on the internet for a good time".

He also explained that he knows Nicole Kidman many years ago "despite what may work in the video" and therefore he felt the confidence to touch his back to celebrate truism on the tape on stage.

Even Mr. Robot's actor indicated that actress Keith Urban's husband congratulated him on what he believed "well-deserved tribute" for the band "Queen".

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