Video edited to look like Jason Momoa helps her daughter be made by Brazilian

adminJanuary 10, 2019

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A Brazilian published on Tuesday night (8), excerpted from an edited video about the protagonist of the movie Aquaman, Jason Momoa, 39. In the split film, in just 30 seconds, he implied that he harassed his own daughter, Lola Momoa, 11 years. In addition, the young man who made the comment commented, "Hey Jason Momoa, or should I call you human rubbish? I don't care if the girl is his daughter or not, see how uneasy she is, look at her, and what do you support? "The full video is available on Youtube and has 7:28.

Photo: Reproduced
Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

On Wednesday, Brazilian websites reported that star advice would be in contact with a group of fans to disprove false news, but the site itself showed that it had no contact with Momo's advice. So far no official source has taken a position on the matter.

The controversy began when a fraction of the video of the protagonist of the movie Aquaman, owner of DC's highest gross record in history, Jason Momoa, was shared on Twitter on Tuesday. In it, the actress, 39, appears next to a couple of children, a boy and a girl. The edited video focuses on a moment of affection between the father and the two children.

Since the video was shared, many people say they are disappointed with the star's attitude. The clip, titled "Jason Momoa, is thrilled with Aquaman's debut in Hawaii," was released on YouTube the 21st.

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