Video & # 39; Thank U, Next & # 39; by Ariana Grande inspired by Mean Girls, Legally Blonde

adminNovember 20, 2018

Ariana Grande is launching in some of her favorite romantic comedies of all time!

After paying tribute to The first wives club during a recent performance, the 25-year-old singer will once again play more film roles for the music video of her top-chart single, "Thank U, Next." Grande has been making fun of the scenes of the next video on social networks starting in the afternoon, leading many to believe that he will create the best rom-com mashup.

On Tuesday, the star shared a photo of herself. Legally Blonde actress Jennifer Coolidge, who played Elle Woods' best friend, Paulette, in the 2001 film. "New best friend …. Thanks, then," Grande subtitled the image on Twitter and Instagram.

It seems that Grande will play a version of the iconic alter ego on screen of Reese Witherspoon, since the singer also shared photos of herself recreating those famous scenes from Harvard University. "Whoever said that the orange was the new rose, was seriously disturbed," Grande subtitled photos of herself with an Apple Apple laptop in orange.

Witherspoon noticed Grande's video concept and gave him a sweet greeting on Instagram. "Seriously Legally Blonde You vibrate, "wrote the Oscar winner, and Grande has even cast his beloved dog Toulouse to play Elle's four-legged BFF, Bruiser Woods!

Meanwhile, Legally Blonde It is not the only movie that has inspired the music video "Thank U, Next".

Grande shared the storyboard for the visual accompaniment that showed pictures of her and the films she was inspired on, including Jennifer Garner in 13 It goes on 30 Y Bad Girls.

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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande / Instagram

It turns out, Big had been mocking this rom-com concept, since many eagle-eyed fans noticed that the cover of "Thank U, Next" was influenced by the book of the 2004 film.

With three romantic comedies already mocked, Grande also insinuated that there is one more film that will make a cameo in the music video. "If Mean Girls was 25% of the tea … maybe Legally Blonde was also 25%, so we have two movies left? I'm coming," a fan tweeted to Grande, who responded with confirmation: "No, what You got it. "

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