Victoria Beckham: Just don't clean up? Harper kills the stack – and mother bells

adminDecember 31, 2018

Harper Beckham is already a small fashion icon at the age of seven. But now Mama Victoria shows that her daughter likes to get dirty too. Right down to earth – right?

The year is drawing to a close and even laborious Victoria Beckham (44) is enjoying a little break. The fashion designer spends the holidays at home with his loved ones – and shows his fans how Beckham's really are.

Harper tackles

Spoiled because of! Did you know that Little Harper (7) has to lose his stable self? Apparently this is not for her mother, she's not called "Posh Spice" for nothing. And would you have thought Harper could already wear tattoos – almost like mom and dad? In the video above, we show the surprising scenes.

Crisis rumors? They seem to be ripping off at Victoria and David Beckham. The two showed up again recently! In the video below you can see the rare picture.

A loving family, training at one of the best schools in the country – and even her own horse has them: The little Harper is really dazzling. But the video that shared Victoria also shows that her baby grows up (almost) normally. If you want to ride a horse, you also need to clean up the barn – it's not even the cute Harper around.

A school uniform is usually not very exciting – unless Harper wears it. In the video below you can see how stylish little Miss Beckham goes to school.

New picture of daughter Harper - and her outfit is cute!


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