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adminJanuary 10, 2019

The otherwise pretty cool Monegasque princess Charlène enters a rapture in conversation about her children. Prince Albert II's wife not only reveals how the family spent Christmas, but also what she wants to teach her children.

Princess Charlène of Monaco, 40, is not known for her incredible way. But when it comes to their children, the twins Jacques and Gabriella, 4, are changing very quickly. This is what the wife of Prince Albert II, 60, showed up again when she spoke to the French magazine "Point de Vue" about the Christmas holidays in the Monegasque Palace.

Cakes and milk for Christmas

Her twins would be very fond of Santa, Charlene revealed in an interview. "They count the days until he comes through the fireplace. They always have a glass of milk and cakes for him, as well as herbs and water for their draft animals." She likes Christmas every time, the princess says. "Like any other family, she allows us to Spend time with our loved ones and our friends. "

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On December 24, the couple helped to the Christmas Fair in Monte Carlo. On December 25, however, was entirely dedicated to the family. The monegasian princess family comes together under the Christmas tree. Prince Albert II is especially blessed, as his wife reveals: "As soon as he is with Jacques and Gabriella, my husband is the happiest man!" He even gets the special occasion.

The division between adults and children is also clear. "We usually eat something small in front of the TV while the kids, their friends and cousins ​​play with gifts," shouted Charlène. At bedtime, ask later. "We think of the children who do not have a mother or father or who do not receive gifts for Christmas."

"Jacques and Gabriella give me love and happiness"

At the thought of the love party, Charlène overcomes the feelings of motherhood. "I'm happy to have two healthy children who give me love and happiness." Charlène can't say herself: "You're intelligent, busy and nice. They know what they want, they express themselves very well and understand a lot. It's hard to believe they're already four years old!"

In September, the two children were enrolled. "They love school," Charlène said. "Gabriella goes up herself on Saturday because she wants to go to school and is always very disappointed when we tell her that there is no lesson." Luckily for the little one, the holiday is high now: yesterday, with her brother, she completed the first day of school in the new year.

The children speak English and French

She was particularly surprised at the speed her children wanted to learn. "They speak English and French fluently." All she can give them is love, protection and encouragement, says Charlène. She also wanted to teach them respect and enable training that was "as common as possible" with traditional values.

Charlène has only the best in mind for her children. "I will support them in everything they do." They do not expect them to become Olympic athletes, but "I would encourage them to do sports and teach them to save lives."

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