Verona Pooth from Düsseldorf: Presenter showing new hair

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Düsseldorf –

If Verona Pooth (50) posts something on Instagram, you can be sure there is a huge echo on social networks.

The sympathetic presenter and influent loves to introduce themselves to their fans – and this usually gives her a lot of attention and almost always positive reactions

But with his latest digital masterpiece, Franjo Pooth's wife has surpassed himself. It shows her with a bob, a stylish short hair hairstyle that doesn't even come to her shoulders.

The spectators of Verona Pooth are thrilled

Commenting on the photo, Verona gives only a short English phrase: "Back in the day" – an English phrase most commonly used to remember the past and look back.

Will she remember the year 2014? Already at that time she had had a hard cut and let her dark, long hair cut quite shorter. Star hairdresser Udo Walz took over the hairy procedure at that time.

And this time? This is not known yet. In fact, far more than 13,000 fans on Instagram have given the picture a heart – including party songs Isi Glück.

Wigs or real cuts?

For the fans, the new look is definitely very popular. "Wow, that's your new look. Are you really good and you look good," writes a Userin. Another sees opportunities for a Hollywood career at Verona: "Cool! Like a James Bond woman in the movie," she writes.

But not all users are pure praise. Some believe that Verona Pooth is playing a wrong hair game here. "Wig!" Writing a fan. Another cynical writer: "What you can do today on the computer …"

By the way: When it comes to headgear, Verona is always very experimental on the road. In October 2015, she performed with blue hair for the premiere of "Holiday on Ice" – and stole Sylvie Meis then the show.

Anyway, Verona Pooth knows how to look good.

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