Vera Kolodzig and Dalila Carmo say goodbye to & # 39; Value of Life & # 39; – News

adminJanuary 7, 2019

"It wasn't easy, but it was worth it," wrote Kolodzig in an Instagram publication.

For Vera Kolodzig this Saturday, January 5, the day was to say goodbye to another project. The actor said goodbye to "the value of life", which revealed on social networks.

In a publication in the Instagram account, the artist talked about the novel, and took the opportunity to thank everyone involved in this work.

"And today, I am leaving Ana Clara and all the wonderful people who followed me in this process. It was not easy, but it was worth it. Thanks everyone, throw, production and technical team that does it every day! Let it be one yourself now, he said.

After sharing, many praised the actors' performance. "I really like your work! I love the soap opera! Can new challenges come to you," a surfer said. "I love your actress, good actress," another said.

In turn, Dalila Carmo finally came for the footage of the novel. "And" Júlia "of" Value of Life "only registered today! It will continue in the air on TVI for a few months, but our trip ends here. An incredible capacity to renew motivation and combat adversity. Thank you so much! are so many to mention here that I would like to thank you personally …. A good wellness! Life is waiting for us, "wrote the actress, who also received the love of the audience.

"Great job, congratulations, what a great actress," said one fan. "She was perfect in this character," added another.

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